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You're doing all you can.

Vanuatu is in Oceania.

A seller's market is a market in which goods are relatively scarce, buyers have a limited range of choice, and prices are high.

"What's up? Fidgeting around in front of the house." "Um ... I was waiting for you to come back."

I'm thinking of switching majors.

I think you should talk to me.

Both Vic and Elijah have Boston addresses, even though they don't live there now.


If we do that, everything's going to be all right.


The book is full of far-flung theories without any basis in scientific fact.

What do you have up your sleeve?

You're doing it right.


"How long does it take to get to Vienna on foot?" "Sorry, I'm a stranger here."

Leo keeps a dream journal which she writes in every morning as soon as she wakes up.

Give me the main points now.

The candidates are out kissing babies and pumping hands.

I know what she can do.


Step on the scale.

Alexis is with a patient.

Your train leaves from Platform 10.


I never saw a red fridge.

Work and play are words used to describe the same thing under differing conditions.

Of course, that's just me.


Sidney is too young to take over yet.

She published a book.

I think you're the one who caused this to happen.


Think for yourself.

We're forced to decide when we'll move.

Winter in this area was extremely cold.

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Finally, she chose another kitten.

Ralph didn't waste any time.

His calm words allayed my fear.


The child flew for his life.


The ampersand means "and".

Who did they survey?

Would you like to explain that?

Please air the futon.

Tell Luis he's going to have to wait.

He's got a point.

Hillel doesn't like basketball much, but he really likes volleyball a lot.

Let's meet on Sunday.

My throat is a bit dry.


In fact, your deeds don't match your words.


Seenu reserved a seat.


Tatoeba is ill. It got Jarl, a highly infectious virus.

Many ethnic groups traditionally give money as a wedding gift.

Stay in the light.

Difference between Facebook and Twitter is, Twitter is a microblogging service.

It's important, don't you think?

I'm not enchanting their children.

The moon has no atmosphere.

Ira doesn't want to look foolish.

"Can I use my laptop in the bath?" "No, you can't."


I thought you said you lived in Boston.

My father works at a factory.

Do it the way I'm doing it.

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It was tragic.


What's your favorite pastime?

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He knows everything.

I need them to see this.

There have been some stories in the news about pets attacking their owners.

That gives us hope.

He sustained an injury which will take a month to heal completely.


Marriage is a type of human rights violation.


Everybody's in a hurry these days.

We have to look the future straight in the eye and prepare to get through the coming crisis.

Since I wasn't hungry, I only ordered coffee.

We have to cooperate.

Revised's room is ready.


Japan is a famous come-back story after Would War II.


We were waiting for you.

I've just gone and lost my key somewhere around here.

Just what was the plan?

We had a nice weekend.

He raised his hands one after the other.

I wanted to hear you say that.

I visited Kushiro for the first time.


Elizabeth put on his gloves.


Let's schedule a meeting sometime early next week.

I didn't expect you home so soon.

Case isn't as good as he thinks.

I go to the theatre.

I really loved the show.

Bad weather hindered the air raid.

We are comfortably established in our new home.


The accident deprived them of their happiness.


Kelvin ordered one of his henchmen to kill Vinod.


Let's see what we're up against first.

It wasn't until Raman left me that I realized how much I loved him.

At first I didn't like ballet, but I've come to like it by degrees.

This always makes me laugh.

She loves to party.

Cold weather is really good.

You're more beautiful than her.

Socorrito could barely hear what Ernst was trying to say.

Olof seemed to be up to some mischief.

Urs stared at Rafael in disgust.

He gave witness to the truth of my statement.

I never said it was such a big deal.

Shout it from the mountaintops.

Is this intended for me?

I should have brought an umbrella.


Farouk is flush since he got paid today.


The police have traced her to Paris.


How did you like Singapore?

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Janos must've been planning this for weeks.

We think we know where Bucky has been.

We can do nothing for Eugene.

Tell me what this is all about.

The demand was summarily rejected.

What do you do here so early?

What is his favorite national park?


What happened this morning?

What made you so dissatisfied?

Suresh asked the DJ for a slow song.

It is important to try to get along with people from foreign countries.

You will derive much pleasure from reading.

Turn to the left!

Who's been shot?

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I can still see my mother's face.

It'll take all afternoon and maybe more.

He walked rapidly.

You can't know that.

This camera is Jef's favorite.

My jar is leaking.

The poor child was on the verge of starvation.

Is he sleeping?

You should clean your house more often.

I think Konstantinos got scared.

They're all fine, thanks.

The question of free will is a prickly conundrum to religion.

A burnt child dreads the fire.


I am annoying my sister.

She loves classical music, whereas I prefer jazz.

That's just not true.

My body does not look human.

Have you ever seen Pam's mother?

He who is born in Sweden is Swedish.

I can get Christmas Day off, but I have work on Christmas Eve.


Roger did as I told him.

I cannot trust a person like that.

It's one mile from here.

This program is not compatible with this computer.

You're so cold.

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I feel kind of hungry.

I want you to get the help that you need.

It's funny you should mention that.

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"There's a rumor going around that Carl likes Perry." "I find that hard to believe."

I would like a room.

I made her go home.

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Every country has its own history.

I was about to reply, when an almost general exclamation made us turn our eyes to the panel.

I want brown shoes, not black ones.

I need someone to look after my son while he is outdoors.

Oscar has confidence.

Meat is very expensive nowadays.

A strong wind is blowing and I can't go fast.

He gave me back the money.

The bike parked over there is my brother's.

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How often do you look at yourself in a mirror?


What do they get out of all this?