She opened the window to free the kitchen of the smell.

Henry was dismissed because he was old.

Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.

Reputation is what you seem; character is what you are.

Son did what he could in the short amount of time he had.

I didn't want her to worry.

Dan is staying here forever, whether you like it or not.


Zero, ten, one hundred, one thousand, one million, one billion.

Have a nice weekend.

Ronald's starting to go bald.


Lindsey took a book out of his briefcase.

I'll carry you.

It's poor form to spit from the window into the street, or into the fire, or anywhere people might step on what you have spit.


I want to be an honest person.

I talk to myself all the time.

There are teeth marks on the end of that pencil.

Stay away from me, I'll catch the stupid.

What would be the consequences?

You suck at writing code.

I want to meet Marsha as soon as possible.

That's what you all say.

Hillel will be missed.

They miss their wives.

Is there something in particular?


Hardly had he finished breakfast when the telephone rang.

If the spectators made fun of the other team, then it would weaken their morale.

Ira is addicted to money.

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Your plan is of no earthly use.

If you're on your knees, you should pray.

You were confused.

Please take me to the airport.

I want to spend more time with you.

Antonio opened the door.

We associate her face with a rose.


I've been looking forward to him coming.

I don't believe in ghosts.

Dan jumped onto the roof of a passing train.

Millions of men lost their jobs.

I still have to get rid of this carpet.


Don't give me that sad look.


Your opinion is important to me.

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Don't get emotional about it.

Throughout my life, I've had the great pleasure of travelling all around the world and working in many diverse nations.

We have a search warrant.

I can't read without glasses.

Micah is a hunt-and-peck typist.

Why don't you go over there and talk to Terrance?

He has a deep affection for his son.


Did you do the homework by yourself?


Sanity never pays much attention to what his teacher says.


Can you iron these clothes for me?

He has a smooth tongue.

I want her to be happy.

Manavendra is as tall as any boy in our class.

How beautiful this carillon is!

That child certainly has a will of his own.

Death of two lynx.


Why are you so good at cooking?

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He asked me to keep the secret.

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Maryland is the richest state in the United States.


My shoes are worn down at the heels.

Conrad spoke softly to Brandi in French.

King is blackmailing me.

I haven't seen Earnie.

Nature is beautiful.

My most interesting friend is Jessie.

I'll meet them there.

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Creditors have better memories than debtors.

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It's not a problem, Lloyd.

As she was dying, she tried to write the murderer's name with her own blood.

Did you just hit him?

That reminds me of home.

You are not to do that.

I have the keys.

We lost sight of the UFO right away.

He has set up three world records in swimming this year.

Have you had your hair cut?


She was overjoyed.

Miles was the only one who offered to help.

When did you guys get here?

The cow supplies us with milk.

I want my mommy.


She's leaving for Tokyo tomorrow.

You never stop, do you?

She is my third cousin twice removed.


The food is fine.


Is it true that he won the race?

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Did you ever see a whale?

He left me waiting for an hour.

Cecilia, don't die.

My heart likes what it sees, not too regretting the missed opportunities.

Don't believe everything you read.

Why don't you take a picture?

My bicycle disappeared into thin air.


Where's Lanzarote?

Tahsin didn't even notice that Ruth had left.

Tobias was a prisoner of war.

I love Spanish omelettes, too!

When she was late, I felt like scolding her, but I held my tongue.

I do that once a week.

I wish I hadn't gone there by myself.

I think it is needless to talk about it.

You're both insane.

The cookies are under the table.

I just got back from the post office.

The zoo in our city is large and new.

We're not used to visitors.

I expect Rakhal won't want to do that.

How big an idiot are you?

She awoke him.

He was a bit jealous.


I was worried sick about you.

There used to be a lot of small creeks in old times Shanghai, which of them included Zhaojia Creek, Yangjing Creek, but they're all covered up nowadays.

You make me want to cry.

You are wandering.

Tokyo is more populous than any other city in Japan.

Excuse me! May I open the window?

She went to the prom with ebullience, as she was to see her beloved Kenkichi.

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In our country we seldom open gifts in the presence of the giver.

I'd like to get to know them.

There are pretty shutters on either side of the front windows.


He gave me a book.

At best I can do only half of what you did.

We'll send Pantelis a card.

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Norbert doesn't like to be contradicted.

I don't quite see how that's going to help us.

I didn't really believe it.

I tried to maintain my composure.

Who trained the trainers?

You must be a good athlete to have run a mile in such a short time.

She eats like a pig.


I see nothing wrong with that.

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I know you know, but do you know I know you know?

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Louis wants to be famous.

Translate the word.

Avery, stranded alone at the beginning of sentences, couldn't get used to the growing estrangement of Edmund.

There is a rotating restaurant at the top of this tower.

Do you really think you can run as fast as me?

We believe there was an accident at the corner two days ago.

Moore, look at me. Are you okay?


Call me if anything interesting happens.

Do you think she still looks at my pictures?

Oxygen is needed for combustion.

What should've happened?

I think it's still worth it.

What have they found?

I have a urinary problem.

Give him a minute.

I'm not disagreeing with you.

The timing of the announcement hurts the public relations of the police.

Would you mind giving us a minute?

What was the music you were listening to?

Huashi could do no more.


You're going to like her.

I know that Tammy can't speak French.

Do not annoy me!


I'm concerned about Stephe.

My behaviour was very strange.

He's finished every task he's ever taken up.

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As body, mind or soul, you are a dream; you really are Being, Consciousness, Bliss (satchidananda). You are the God of this universe.

When are you going back to Italy?

Johnnie should be done by now.

Roy watched as Jesper drove away.

I looked him straight in the eye.