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Virtual Jury Group

seatsImagine your team having a dozen or more of our jury members giving case insight, evaluation, verdict, and helping with your research. The old adage of 2 minds are better than one still rings true today…now how about 12, 24, 192, or even 1536 more minds in addition to those 2. You will have exclusive access to our random Virtural Jury Group members that resembles your case jurisdiction. All case information is anonymous and upheld with strict confidentiality.

What was previously only available to larger Law Firms and Litigation Departments is now available and affordable for all. Mock Juries can cost upward of 250k. Virtual Jury Group works much in the same way except it’s done by an online jury, it’s not as time consuming, and it’s done for only a fraction of the cost. You will get feedback from all aspects of the case, if desired, including damages. We also exclusively offer the opportunity to get insight from a Retired Judge or Law Professor.

The reason virtual juries are prominately used today is because the benefits are too large to ignore.