Professional and reliable Tree Surgeons
Servicing the Orange, Polk, Osceola and Hillsborough Counties

Based in Auburndale and servicing central Florida, our qualified and experienced team of Tree Surgeons offer cost-effective tree care services. We guarantee a first-class service and provide free quotes and initial assessments as a friendly gesture


If you have a site with some tree work to be done but have no idea how to describe the job to us, give us a call and we will pull over to render a free estimate and quotation duly


Tree felling

All types of trees cut – big trees, small trees, inaccessible trees, garden trees, urban trees - and including trees near buildings, roads or overhead cabling where precision dismantling may be required. If any licences are needed in the course of the work, Tree Care Squad can advise, or manage the application process for you. Tree removal includes taking away all debris from the site and/or stacking logs neatly per your instructions

Tree trimming.

Tree Care Squad uses recommended tree pruning methods appropriate for each tree species and can advise on best practice for future maintenance. Tree trimming service includes removal of waste from the site

Land Clearance

For commercial markets and residential property, sites cleared and debris removed and disposed of legally and responsibly

Stump removal

Remove tree stumps with minimum disruption to the surrounding area. Tree Care Squad offers a competitively priced stump grinding service

Tree diseases control

Tree Care Squad is dedicated to making your sick tree better if we can, and to advising on control of infectious tree disease

Storm damage

Emergency call-out service and damage control

Tree felling          Tree trimming          Land Clearance          Storm Damage          Stump Removal          Tree diseases control


It always looks like a great idea to ‘do-it-yourself’ and save a few bucks, but when it comes to tree work you should refrain from such thoughts. Here are a few excellent reasons why you should rather hire a professional tree surgeon

Tree work is dangerous!

Tree Surgeons are fully trained and experienced in rope access climbing using the appropriate climbing gear. Tree Surgeons wear high quality safety PPE (personal protective equipment) – gloves, eye goggles, boots, etc. So, don’t take risks by felling trees and cutting tree branches yourself – remember falls and improper use of power tools are two of the top five causes of injury in domestic accidents

You need appropriate equipment

Tree felling companies own specialist tree working equipment and machinery designed for the job which the average Joe (that’s you) probably won’t have access to. Hiring equipment is an option you can patronize, but the costs after purchasing safety gear, gas, and transportation is usually a lot more expensive when compared to hiring a team of professional tree surgeons

You need professional knowledge

Incorrect tree pruning can spoil, scar and stunt a tree at best, and at worst, it will kill a tree. Tree Surgeons know how and when to prune each species of tree and keep your trees healthy and looking great! When it comes to tree planting, tree surgeons know what tree species will grow best in your location, how large a tree could grow, and how best to plant it and nurture it through its first formative years
Trees are a long-term investment, kill your tree or plant the wrong type of tree and you’ll regret it for years. Hire a Tree Surgeon, and that won’t happen

Avoid a lawsuit

Tree Surgeons will help you work within the law. They know when permits may be required during tree work and can help you with the application. And did you know that some tree diseases are legally notifiable under State Statutes and Laws? A tree surgeon can help you identify tree diseases and let you know what your options are

You are probably not insured for tree work

No-one expects accidents to happen, but will your home insurance policy cover you fully for any damage caused if you choose to work on your tree by yourself? Hiring a professional tree surgeon with full liability insurance ensures that the tree work will be fully covered if any prospective damage is caused to your property or your neighbors’. You can sleep with both eyes closed when you hire professionals

Can you dispose of the debris?

Tree work always leaves a lot debris to take care of! Often, the more arduous part of the job is in clearing up and disposing of the waste. Without a wood chipper/shredder to reduce the waste to a manageable volume, disposing of a large tree or tree branches is near impossible. Tree Surgeons do all this for you and leave you with a clean and tidy site. If you want to keep the logs, they’ll cut up the trees into wood and pile them up a lot quicker than you ever could