***Notice of Delivery Delays***

A note to our customers:

Please allow extra time for delivery as we try to weather the current glass shortages while the new supplier can get up and running. Thin Bullseye will be the interim supplier for our 90 COE customers.

To date there are no viable thin 96COE replacement alternatives and supplies are dwindling rapidly. If you are a 96 user it would be a good idea to order soon.

Thanks for your understanding and for your support

(773) 939-3957

Quality Designs for Glass Creations

ProFusion Studio produces patterned dichroic glass and kiln fireable patterned decals to enhance pieces for glass artists and hobbyists alike.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION - We create pictures and patterns on dichroic glass so you, the ARTIST, can produce your creations! With our AMAZING SECRET PROCESS, the only limit to your creativity is your imagination!

2018 Glass Patterns Each year at the 310-526-5006 we introduce our new patterns for the year. This year we have 8 new patterns:

Brushstrokes(4x4 or unconstrainable)
Carnations(4x4 or Quarter Sheet)
Mosaic 2((360) 331-5104 or 5175778139)
Osmosis(4x4 or Quarter Sheet)
Ow My Eyes(4x4 or 9047682835)
Picasso(4x4 or Quarter Sheet)
Smoke(4x4 or 2015091993)
Windmill(4x4 or 715-772-0514)


The Gallery is where we display selected works from various artists using patterned dichroic glass. The purpose is to provide exposure to our customers and inspiration for all. If you wish to participate, email us pictures of your work and your website address.

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