This question is easy to answer.

He belongs to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


I think Robbin was lied to.

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I did my best today.

He admits being able to bend a metal spoon.

Have you actually learned anything?

On being introduced to somebody, a British person often shakes hands.

Miyuki has a camera, but she doesn't like it.

Flowers die without water.

After winning the lottery she went on a shopping binge.

Ramesh told me that he could live off his savings for a while if he lost his job.

I want to be someone you can turn to.


It's easier and safer to meet someone on the Internet than in person.

He sat reading, with his wife knitting a pair of gloves beside him.

Pascal would help you if you asked him to.

I caused him a lot of trouble.

Let's begin, then.

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I'll be praying for you.

I love this park.

My name is Jisung.

I told Ray no.

What does that have to do with Lila?

Do we really want to eat pizza this early in the morning?

I think Olson is narrow-minded.

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When did you get the concert ticket?

I could not possibly finish the work in a few days.

I take five kinds of magazines every month.

It's time to make some changes.

Payment is required in advance.

The children are looking for mushrooms and bringing them back to the house.

That could work. Let's try it.

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He is walking very slowly.

I'm going to have a good time this weekend.

On his shirt there was a sauce stain.

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I asked Mom to get some for you.

He closes the door and locks it.

I could write them a note if it would help.

He pushed the cat into the swimming pool.

Would you like another glass of wine?

Rafael looks very pretty today.

What else can you say?

I don't want you to think I'm nuts.

Wilmer thinks I'm right.

I can't be the only one who thinks Sri is crazy.

I'm from the government.

It doesn't have to be that complicated.

Toft never mentioned you.

She washed her dirty hands before the meal.

We must eradicate the drug traffic, root and branch.

Peter is my best friend.

The two boys look more alike than I thought.

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What year were you born?


What train you are going to take?


Looks like I might have to burn the midnight oil tonight.

If a woman has the choice between love and wealth, she always tries to choose both.

Nothing but a miracle can save her now.

I didn't want to tell Orville about this.

Ben can't speak.

I will explain to him until he understands.

Please give me your attention.

There was nothing but water as far as the eye could reach.

For now, no.

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We were very competitive.


You could at least do a bit of study.

It was kind of you to help me.

They seem a little past their peak, but even so we enjoyed the beautiful cherry blossoms.

They saved us.

They bother me.

He has a headache.

Mother gives my sister two thousand yen every month.


Graeme went to Boston without telling us.

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He told me that he wanted to practice his English with me.

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Let's take a rest in the garden instead of indoors.

I don't like the house he lives in.

Today I'm working from home.

If you'd told me about it earlier, I could've been free. However, tomorrow I have plans to go back home.

Can I get you some tea?

I've never done this before.

This land belongs to her.

I'm only trying to save you time.

I know you want to go to sleep.


Would domestic peace be plunged into jeopardy?

Manjeri will cook.

I lost consciousness.

Figure it out yourself.

It was tragic.

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He hasn't read the book yet.

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He was making sheep's eyes at my daughter.

Our cat is house-trained.

I felt kind of awestruck.

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The two lovers looked at each other, rendered speechless by surprise.


Pedro Jackson used to be the president of this company.

Do you want to give up?

Pradeep seems fussy.

I thought Danny had retired.

Alexander was injured by a manhole cover explosion.

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My long cherished dream finally came true.


I'm not going to get married anytime soon.

Do I have to wear this?

I thought you lived by yourself.

The final piece was placed in the puzzle.

There's no one more deaf than he who does not want to listen.

You should have said yes.

You have bad breath.

I'll meet you there at about 2:30.

We have lunch at noon, usually.

He worked for five hours on end.

I knew you'd want to go with us.

I thought you'd already been compensated for that.

The North won the Battle of Shiloh.

He stopped smoking for the sake of his health.

Kanthan lost most of his belongings in the fire.

I just heard you visited her.

We have time.


I didn't want you to see me.


He had a new house built last year.

I want to get to know him.

They won't be cold.

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I believe example sentences are an integral aid for language learners.


This mountain is composed of molasse, which is partly covered by moraine material.


He's been doing this for over twenty years.

Footsteps outside the house. It sounded like someone jumping from the wall.

Pretend you've won.


I have to wake them up.

Quit making such a sad face.

Those girls are prostitutes.

She went on picnic in spirits.

This sport got more and more popular.

I don't think you have a choice.

Srivatsan taught me how to play the blues on the piano.


They will not do it.


Why don't you tell him?

I don't let my kids watch TV.

He took an oral examination.

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They said that I am an old lady.


There is cat hair all over the place.

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His unhappy childhood affected his outlook on life.


What do you think about her?

I ran to the station not to miss the train.

I want to go over it again.

What's your annual income?

I'm happy to see you here.

Do you still have time?

No is very late, isn't he?

He is not guilty of murder.

You can't see everything.

They married at just 18 years old.

June can swim.

Lanny stepped to one side.

I told you I'm the best.

Srinivasan made no move to leave.

In the 19th century, the number of immigrants swelled rapidly.

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That's not entirely Vic's fault.


Theo will never be forgotten.

I'm just a pencil pusher.

He is a British teacher who teaches us English.

Life is full of ambiguity.

Some people go to church on Sunday morning.

Please turn up the air conditioner.

They stated that it was a flagrant violation of international law.

I beg you, give me a bottle!

If I'd told you what goes through my head each time you do that, you'd quit it immediately.

Doesn't that sound nice?

The movements of this robot are awkward.