The thief got his hand cut off.

Has Sanche been waiting long?

It felt like that moment lasted an eternity.

We adults shouldn't destroy the intelligent and creative capacity of children.

We have made many mistakes.

Carsten should know that.

The train station is abandoned.

I think you've been in the jungle too long.


The habit of smoking is very difficult to get rid of.


Can you finish it by noon?

Irving loves Susanne.

You ought to take your father's advice.

I cannot feed John's dog. It's too vicious.

This is a statue of Jupiter.

Facebook closed his page.

How many stamps do you have in your collection?

We need your help to do this.

Leaves fell down every now and then.

Eugene got attacked by a shark.

He looks like a player.

Do you want to talk about something?

We're made for each other.


You need to tell me the truth.


I'm so tired!

Sheila died a quick death.

You can't control me.

Varda has broad shoulders.

I just don't want Toft to win.

World War II was carried on until 1945.

Benson looked cautiously over the cliff.


Don't watch soccer anymore.

Do you want Raanan to know about this?

I feel we're speaking two different languages.

At first, everything seemed difficult.

Wade is probably just too scared.

Don't be too haughty, for hell awaits below.

She might have met him yesterday.

The words were from a very old language.

May I ask you just three more questions?

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He bought that house because his wife took a fancy to it.

Finally, I managed to publish it.

It is essential to get at the heart of the matter, no matter what they are.

The plane arrived at New York on schedule.

This essay shows a great improvement.

Everyone's eyes were fixed upon her.

Sigurd asked several people the same question.


Rolfe didn't want to fight anymore.

Ann is second to none in tennis.

He hurried over to his car.

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He shot himself in the knee.

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I'm pretty good at first aid.

Pat didn't go to the party.

Donna accidentally cut his finger with a knife while chopping carrots.

Jared has made up his mind.

Does he have anything to do with the political party?


You've done an admirable job.

Vladimir has a house which has two rooms.

Having good credit is a prerequisite to applying for a loan.

Myron came out in a rash after changing to a new medication.

Science rests upon observation.


What does a Kremlinologist study?


If you don't know what the word means, look it up in the dictionary.


My parents tried to talk him out of marrying her, but he wouldn't listen.


What are your assumptions based on?


He likes women with violet eyes.

Ssi has quite a library.

And desire follows me at my heels and bites me, for I love you, o Lady Death.


Come and see me.


We have ants in the kitchen. We need to call an exterminator.

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Can he speak Japanese?

Takeshi raised his hand to ask a question.

It was not until Chikako left me that I realized how much I loved her.

An often bankrupt developer of real estate repeatedly claims that his companies are enormously successful, while two lawsuits characterize his so-called university as a fraudulent enterprise.

Is Mr Jones in the office?

The trouble may lie in the engine.

The towel wasn't at all useful.


He repaired his watch by himself.


Everyone has been there.

Whether happiness is the supreme value or not, it is earnestly desired by man.

How can we dispel their doubts and fears?

The coach showed his team a video of their opposition's latest game, so they could analyse their style of play and, in particular, identify their weaknesses.

Luckily, you were at home.


This ship needs a captain.


The election results have not yet become known.

The soldier is going away.

Bucky ate lunch at home.

They didn't keep their promise.

Are you angry right now?

I expect to be back by 2:30.

Could I get you to update this data for me?

I didn't need to understand French to know that they were angry.

He wished he had more time.

Is that the guitar you bought from Norbert?

I am afraid I cannot convey the peculiar sensations of time travelling. They are excessively unpleasant.

I read the news about the landslide caused by the storm.

What're you watching?


Jackye is one of the most handsome men I've ever seen.

I hate it when this happens.

The dentist put in a temporary filling.

He had handsome dark eyes with long lashes.

There's nothing in here but a lot of useless junk.


Both you and I must take care of the dog.

The people wanted a chance to become rich.

Are you still with us?

She means the world to me.

This feels good.

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In America, there's a direct study of books.

I gave her her dictionary back.

We're ahead of schedule.

How did you spend your vacation?

I don't doubt that he will help me.

The throng protested against abortion.

You can't expect much sympathy from Donovan.


Kazuhiro can't play a high G on his trumpet, but he can play an F.

I just want to make one final point : you're fired.

I think we should wait for her.

They've got enough to do already.

The guys in my department are very nice.


I think Brett is believable.

Eric doesn't have any family.

This is enough for me.


Do you think this is what Albert meant?

She was intelligent as well as beautiful.

They are now at the top of the stairs.

He plucked one of his few strands of beard.

Lori named his squirrel Hazelnut, because it likes hazelnuts.


What's this sound?


She also found me nice

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You're definitely prettier than Trey.

The plans are still up in the air.

I help Taninna almost every day.

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I'm looking forward to that.


Who is that woman in the brown coat?

We treated him in the politest manner possible.

It's neat and clean.

There are students in the library.

We have not heard from him since last year.

Dan lived only four miles away.

Vance has a facility for acquiring foreign languages.

Can I show you something?

Rusty used to smoke.

I'm a bit pressed for time.

I was really confused.

Hunter was stabbed and died before they could get him to a hospital.

We ran out of time, so we had to cut our presentation short.


Plug up that leak!

Where there is light, there must be shadow.

I have little knowledge of biochemistry.

We all liked her.

Thomas could see Joseph was about ready to cry.

One of the downsides of living downtown is the noise you hear all day long every day of the week.

Let's meet together two years from today.

The urban population in most developing countries is increasing very fast.

The bear ran after me.

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We worked really hard, I thought.

I don't know how old I am.

Your shelf is full of books.

Perhaps we can come to some arrangement that works for both of us.

I was raised normally. My parents were decent.

I felt like I was intruding.

When talking about his hobby, he always puts on a serious expression.

Jaime doesn't know what Roxana means when she says that.

I used to think this was impossible.


Jones said he hadn't seen Eugene for a long time.