Last week I underwent LASIK, an eye operation to fix my vision.

I'm proud to be your father.

Jeanne has a secret passage in his house.

A cloud of hornets set at the children.

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Are you sure you don't want me to buy you something at the supermarket?


Everyone should be extra careful.

Do you like the same kind of music as your parents do?

I have a few errands.

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I'm not a drunk.

You're going to love our food.

Are you really confused about when to start?

Why don't I stop by next weekend for dinner?

Ancient Greeks built water wheels to grind grain thousands of years ago.

Helen wanted Derek to come to Boston for Christmas.

Aimee resumed shoveling the snow.

Sorrel felt at home.

I sat on something and broke it.

It's mine, not its.

I wrote back to Sharon.

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How about a drink?

Let's just go to sleep.

I don't think you have all the facts.


We're too soon old, too late smart.

I hated myself for doing that.

The fun didn't last long.

Boys spend more time playing video games than girls.

Christmas isn't far off now.

Don't make a liar out of me, Harvey.

I just want to visit Naim.

I carefully took down everything that my teacher said.

This is my cow.

It's the best season of the year.

After you.

Kristin needs to come up with something fast.

Our age goes in for quantity regardless of quality.


John called for the waiter in a loud voice.

Clay is immoral.

All you had to do was ask.


We're located in Boston.

That child looks as if he is going to cry.

September is the first month of the school year in Israel.

She lifted up her head and looked at him.

Most signs around here are written in French.

My house is smaller.

I can't help but feel a little relieved.

Not for all the tea in China!

I'm calling her right now.


Young children can be very loud.

Mark's foolery is already making Rosa sick.

I never should've hired him.

The English language is cognate to the German language.

Who's going to give me a ride?

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He took off at full speed without saying where he was going.

Airplanes enable people to travel great distances rapidly.

I have high hopes for her.


Justin is still in his pajamas.


I'm going to go now.

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Did you move there with your parents?

One thing, however, is much less equivocal, which is, that out of the matters contained in those books, together with the assistance of some old stories, the church has set up a system of religion very contradictory to the character of the person whose name it bears.

This dress fits you like a glove.

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Missing for years, the document miraculously came to light the other day.

Will you do that?

Hurry up a little!

Why are you so uptight?

I feel privileged to have met you.

She is giving the baby a bath.

She managed to learn to drive a car.

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She got to the point of not thinking she would want to live in this town again.

It's really bad.

Pope meets pedophile priest victims in London.

He grafted a pear on the quince.

I don't think Murray is a bad guy.

He's my old drinking buddy.

Rodent just tried to choke me.


Light and sound travel in waves.

Rupert is growing up too fast.

She made him do it.

They mean it.

The sons sorrowfully buried their parents.

In a sense, you are right.

That's not our problem now.

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May I use the bathroom?

Who are you calling stupid?!

I don't think I can fix it.

Check back later today for the answer!

Sangho was my boyfriend when I was in high school.

Mahesh put a kettle full of water on the small fire.

We should go together.


I gave up smoking for health.

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My Internet connection is slow and expensive.

Can I see her today?

45 times 2 is 90.

Beth is afraid of the dark because of her evil brother.

I accepted to write that letter.


John is taller than anybody.


A thousand incoherent ideas swirled around my mind.


I hope your wish will come true.

Let me know why it was that he came suddenly.

I can't understand why.


Holding hands can express love between two people.

That concept germinated here and thrived overseas.

Taro is the most famous of the three.

Dorothy is trying to ignore Earle.

A lot of people went by on the main street.

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Juergen certainly knows how to party.


Do we have time?


This window won't open. See if you can get it to move.

This pasta is very healthy, in it you can find lots of vegetables!

Carter needed attention.

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Surfing was fun.


New York is a huge city.

I want to go out with Vince.

Life ain't easy.


He wrote the article "Exobiological Presence in Alpha Centauri."

You certainly fooled him.

Is there another solution?


So far we have enjoyed our journey very much.

Did Herb really want Les to do that?

His voice brings to mind the sound of the motorway.

My wife gave me a sign from across the room.

You have to come at once.

I didn't want to do it again.

She is a child-care worker in a kindergarten.


The sun having set we stayed there for the night.

Do you still believe that?

Show me how good you are.

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I only have one more favor to ask.

Laurel and Brandi will keep their promise.

Is everyone here with the CIA?

He calls the boy Andre.

They'll think of something.


I'm not proud of this.

Time goes by quickly.

Sanche has been busy cleaning his room.

Bucky says he wants to meet you.

It was a big upset when Hingis was eliminated in the first round.

It doesn't seem so absurd.

We're pupils.

It is a basic quality of an employee to complete his tasks within a fixed time.

Randell decided to surrender.

Why do you want to meet them?

The father has grey eyes.

A hen laid an egg in my closet.

Julie has been badly beaten.

Clouds were floating in the blue sky.

Who's coming to our party?

What conditions are attached?

We love our country.

I woke up with a headache this morning.

Let's set a date.

You never told me what happened last night.

The vehicles jumped frantically and their alarms shouted for help.

Only young children and old fools tell the truth.

Jayant, do you want us to go with you?

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The noise distracted him from studying.


Toby has little or no insight into his own faults and failings.

The current pulled his boat toward a deserted island.

Now, you ask me if I've flown a major airline.

That radio is no bigger than a matchbox.

How do you interpret this poem?

What accounts for these symptoms hasn't been discovered yet.

He listened to music in his own room.


How many elements are there in the Periodic Table of Elements to date?

They looked on him as an authority.

I'm doing the cooking.