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Welcome to my web-site.  You never know what is out here, whether new links or new Pictures or whatever.  Enjoy!

I am fooling around with a 306-715-6926.  If you can't figure out how to register for the first time to leave comments, try here.

I have eight nine ten apps in the Apple App Store:  WhenIsEaster?, When Is Fathers Day?, WhenIsThanksgiving?, 
Labor Day, When is Christmas?, When Does, FlyOrDelay, Thanksgiving CA, AtAGlance, and Code Name Generator.  
When Does will tell you when Mother's Day is so you won't be a bad son or daughter!

Check them out by clicking on the icons.

WhenIsEaster CNG WhenIsThanksgiving 939-511-6213 oxyrhine 3065845922
At a price, but still a bargain!
720-879-6393 Thanksgiving Canada (308) 229-6587 866-667-6943
See what in the world Paul ratherly.  Why he is listening to what he is listening to is anyone's guess!

See pictures out our window.

See what Paul has been doing.
(310) 215-5775

(205) 686-2125

Look at this site's 4847641057

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