He overdosed on heroin.

He speaks English as well as though he were an Englishman.


I believed them.

I'd like to clarify that.

Sorrel understands what it takes to survive.

It's a very serious illness.

I know it's here somewhere.

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The man awakens.

My father had already finished breakfast when I got up this morning.

I didn't know them at that time.


May sometimes spends the time by herself.

Hey, look at the time.

Laurent used to dream about marrying Drew.

Is your mom home?

He just had food, he cannot be hungry.

If he calls, tell him I am busy.

Thank you for calling Barney.

I didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

Walk three blocks and then turn right.

The whole horizon glowed with the light of the fire.

Shall we go sightseeing around town?

My client never should've been arrested.

My mother works as an English teacher, but she's an economist by profession.

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Please tell me where to go next.


What exactly did you ask them?


We have all the evidence we need.

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Your customs declaration, please.

That was very careless of her.

Now let's get started.


Barton is just trying to confuse you.

How long will the operation take?

Crucifixion, therefore, or any other particular manner of dying, made no part of the sentence that Adam was to suffer, and consequently, even upon their own tactic, it could make no part of the sentence that Christ was to suffer in the room of Adam.

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He wants to go back to the wild.


Francis's room is quite small.


Whether it may be hard or not, I must do it.


Mr. Darcy is engaged to my daughter.

By the way, one tenth of one percent is one hundred percent of one per thousand.

This table accommodated six persons.

Suzanne was a gentleman.

I like that purple shirt.


They shouted at the top of voices.

Yvonne is considerate, isn't he?

Physics is my weak subject.


I knew there would be nothing to do here.

She hit him with a hammer.

His efforts led to good results.

So long as men worship the Caesars and Napoleons, Caesars and Napoleons will duly rise and make them miserable.

I couldn't say.

That's really stupid.

As a rule, the more fundamental a new truth, the greater will be its practical possibilities.

First France, then Iraq.

Just a moment. I haven't finished yet.

We don't always know what makes us happy.

I'll find them myself.

Bertrand told us about how nice you were to him.

This is Ramesh's umbrella.


Lisa often lies about his age.

These are the names of the students who won't pass this class.

The waves sprayed the rocks with water.


The game was called off on account of rain.

Stop or I'll pull the car over!

That kid is a little bundle of energy.

If necessary, I'll come at nine tomorrow.

The phone rang when I was having lunch.


He was looking through a microscope.


He let me use his typewriter.

Why the devil do you come to me saying you've lost your dog? What have I got to do with whether you buy yourself another one?

They were lucky the game went into extra time because they ended up winning.

Did you two break up?

Thank you for building this wall.

You never really know whether you can do it or not until you try.

I hope to see you in Boston.

Imogen of the Internet has dyed her hair all 216 web-safe colors at some point in her life. She is a natural #663300.

Do you want to see a movie that's both entertaining and thought-provoking?

How did the trip go?

I was lucky to get this job.

This hall can hold 5,000 people.

Yes. You're absolutely right.

Can't you stop her from crying?

Can you give me a minute with Devon?

From that moment on, he felt undying hatred for his oppressors.

The article was well researched and insightful.

Sergiu asked Dominic for help.

She led the life of a princess.

The boys were climbing about on the rocks.

Yea, that's all it is.

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Emma wanted to be buried beside his dogs.


Correct the mistake and return the file to Mr Luxemburg.


The reason is pretty obvious.

She looked away.

This fish smells awful.


She spends three dollars a day for lunch and dinner.

Is that what everybody wants?

She shuddered with cold.

What are you all doing?

Did you like the movie?


Wolf has been worried sick.


Make sure you tell Rahul everything.

She must be visiting England this summer.

Put this in your pocket.


Dion saw a mouse.

She tried hard to clear her mind of doubts.

The percentage of lipids in an animal cell is about 8%.

He must be over fifty.

Hein should have said yes.

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God, so atrocious in the Old Testament, so attractive in the New - the Jekyl and Hyde of sacred romance.


Neal's wife always stays home with the kids.

Who can tell what Laurie is thinking?

He lost the watch which he had bought the day before.


Why is Stefan's name not on the list?

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The flow of evacuation events from occurrence of a large earthquake to the conclusion of emergency counter measures.

You have to leave everything.

He wants to get rid of the ants.

Our teacher is at once stern and kindly.

The event is on Monday.

I don't know everybody.

Let me handle this, all right?

I don't think Rudolph is the only one who had to go to the hospital.

Why don't you want to wear a tie?

Piotr found an empty pill bottle under the bed.

It's within walking distance.

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He thought maybe this was a trick.

Andries is no spring chicken.

I should get in touch with Jisheng.

Betty has been hammering all day.

This is where I brought my girlfriend on our first date.

The management refused to come to terms.

He looked nonplussed.

I wanted to finish this earlier.

Lanny will assist you in your search for Sabrina.

I'll mention it to them.

You're not afraid, are you?

The child cried for help.

I got the gist of what he was saying.

Make it a double.

I was very surprised at the huge fish.

It'll be tricky.

We could try again.

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The train station is abandoned.


Roy fastened the medal with a pin.

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I took the last cookie.

There are some things we want you to see.

The church dates back to 1173.

We found many strange plants in a botanical garden.

I wanted to let Vincent go.

Subra is wearing a Halloween mask.

At least for now, I'm not going to say anything.

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I don't want to die tomorrow.

I feel a pain here.

She tendered her resignation.

It's my duty to talk to you.

Like I said, no problem.

Jin woke up to the smell of bacon cooking.

Their happiness was rooted in their industry.


It was a shock.

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It's just not going to happen.

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You have to live here.

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But whoever lives by the truth come into the right.

How do you plan to spend your weekend?

He who doesn't avenge is a son of a donkey.


Dawson, what sports do you like?