Do you know any place we can go?

Just start walking.

You guys are untrustworthy.

I came with Kolkka.

You always have to have your own way.

We loved him.

It wouldn't be the first time that's happened.

We do it the way they demonstrated.


And how do you like this work?

I don't need the brochure.

Click me to hide this screen.


Mechael says he can write songs.

What is your greatest fear?

There are many possible answers to that question.


Natraj stole his dad's credit card.

I wasn't able to find that thing anywhere.

If there are no taxis, we'll have to walk.

It's important that you look at these documents carefully.

Where are my parents?

He has blossomed into a great statesman.

I'm feeling a little sad today.


Murph painted a picture of Izchak's dog.

I almost got caught.

Mohammad and Kari found their seats.

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A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.


Sjaak said he knew where Sandip had hidden the money she had stolen.

I'll give you my opinion.

The seas are rough today.

Vicky arrived home at 2:30.

Ill news comes too soon.


He told me to give you this.

I'm sure that he'll come to the party.

She found me a good seat.


Jennie pretended that he didn't know about what had happened.


I wonder what happened to it.

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He's looking for someone motivated to replace his secretary.

Don't challenge someone who has nothing to lose.

I'm actually looking for a job.

Daniel got a good job.

He put up his hand to catch the ball.

There are some topics you shouldn't discuss with Pamela.

She is of average height.

Mwa said he'd rather not go to Julie's party.

I want to stay here a few days.


As soon as she saw me, she began to weep.

Good afternoon, everyone.

Merton is sure curious.


He is not eager to unveil his main argument.

I was trying to find Margie.

Why not ask Thierry?


Let him use my dressing room.

I used to play alone when I was a child.

I'm not as fat as I used to be.


He is not such a nasty fellow as you think.


Our hotel accommodates 2000 guests.


She is familiar with the subject.

Jerome claims to be an archaeologist.

This is impossible!

Alexis surprised Annard with a kiss.

Are you a journalist?


My school is getting ready for the campus music festival.

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I buried one.

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She loved him all the better for his faults.

Being a prince is not easy.

We talked quietly so we wouldn't wake the baby.

Wow, that sky is really something.

She married an ichthyologist.

Darin certainly wouldn't be pleased if Casper went out on a date with John.

What's causing that?


He clearly wants to go.


I got to be pretty good at guitar before I gave it up.

Trent quite often eats out.

Mickey's laughing could be heard three blocks away.

This is probably the wrong thing to be worrying about.

What would your girlfriend do if she found out?


The children would play for hours on the beach.

We are going to the movies. You should come.

Do it once again.

A common theme underlies both perspectives.

"What did you say?" "What do you think I said?"

He had left the world's most cosmopolitan city, so anywhere he went was bound to seem provincial.

I'm a responsible, hardworking, and, above all, professional person.

The fact that educated Americans in general no longer share understandable background knowledge is a chief cause of their inability to communicate effectively.

Tovah has a British accent.

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Generally speaking, the climate here is mild.

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There's not going to be a party.

He was wearing long boots.

The responsible persons are going to carry on in the same old way.

Teriann can't accept that.

I can't find her either.

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They haven't unpacked their trunks yet.

The fact is, I think, very important.

The two men were business partners.

In the past you all used to love virtue and good deeds; why do you no longer love these?

Most people are not open to new values.

In both appearance and personality, Donnie is exactly like his father.

He's had many bad experiences.

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He slept an hour.

That boy often breaks our windows with a ball.

He met with an accident and broke some bones.

How long would it take?

There is now no God and no Buddha.


There were no jobs.

I think Beethoven is the greatest composer who ever lived.

The sun has just sunk below the horizon.

He overlooked my mistake.

The enemies destroyed the plant by bombing.

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Maybe it's time to tell him.


You should refrain from smoking more.

I'll have to stay behind and help Lucius clean up.

Although I really hate grammar, it's useful.


Where did you tighten them?

You slept with her?

I have many problems to solve.


Would you like to watch the game together?

I definitely don't regret it.

Is this kid autistic or does he have ADHD? His behavior is hard to characterize either way.


Art confessed to murdering Mosur.

There's nothing to forgive.

Just get out.

My chest had become softer than the fig tree's fruit and my heart had become more fragile than the fig tree's leaves.

Every person counts.

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From a humble background, John achieved worldwide fame.

There was a tornado in the village.

We have many things in common: hobbies, educational backgrounds, for instance.

I want you to give up this stupid plan.

Lievaart told me that he'd like to become a bus driver.

Murat kept knocking on the door, but nobody came.

Accrued interest will be paid into your account.

That was not necessary.

This isn't the first time Marcel has been late.

Oskar still seems upset.

Why didn't you call out to anyone?

As God as my witness Lars, I didn't tell her about the surprise party you're planning.

Don't spoil the children.


Clem had no sooner arrived than he was asked to leave.


It's too darned hot to do anything today.


Are you saying Isabelle won't help us?

You're right, of course.

It will be dark soon.

I'm kind of looking forward to a quiet day.

Country roads aren't as crowded as city roads.

Amedeo isn't as bad as he looks.

I don't eat meat.

There's a man with a gun in his hand standing at the door.

A savage tribe lived there in those days.

Is it all right if I call you Thad?

Stop! There's a deer on the road.

He had fun with it.

They got caught red-handed.

Read your book.

Spencer told me to wait here.

He believed they were destroying it.

Fork-users have historically been in the minority.

Do we have an agreement?

Did you tell her you were joking?

What happens if I get caught?

This happens to me as well.

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Grandmother died, leaving the whole family stunned.

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The truck made a sharp turn to the right.

Do you have a date for Valentine's Day?

It is such a beautiful day that I'd like to go fishing in the river.