She's reading a novel.

I'm not a patient.

I couldn't hear myself think.

What a beautiful view.

Sometimes people eat too fast.

Keep these rules in mind.

Now, that's funny.

He will come sooner or later.


Elric acted like a perfect gentleman.

We must take into account the wishes of all the family in planning a trip.

I really enjoy helping disabled people.


You did pretty good out there.

How do you play poker?

This farm yields enough fruit to meet our needs.

Masanao sang Pia's favorite song for her.

Sally continued talking.

How many of you live here?

Curt was belligerent.

These flowers bloom earlier than the others do.

The pain became excruciating.

I hope that neither of them was involved in the traffic accident.

Adrian wouldn't have known the difference.

He caught sight of a ship in the distance.

Research requires a lot of energy, but it's worth the effort.


Might I ask your name and address?

Why did you stop updating your blog? I always looked forward to reading it.

Shahid said he was planning to wear a black tuxedo.


Can the lawyer see me on Friday?


He was advanced to the rank of general.


None were listening to the speaker.

Japan is surpassing China in economic power.

Don't worry about my dog. He won't do you any harm.

Who put this paper here?

Have you named your new born baby?

It looks like a great day for a picnic.

Your friends are waiting.

She's putting the children to sleep.

I'd just come in the door when the phone rang.

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Andy has three grown sons.


The figure on the left spoils the unity of the painting.

Are you still mad about last night?

Ten years after the wedding, everything is just routine.

Promises won't butter any bread.

At first blush, Robbin's suggestion seemed feasible.

She put on an air of innocence.

It's really awesome.

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The fact is that he is my close friend.

Linda filed for a legal separation.

Junko will have to study math tonight.

He's older, but no wiser.

His efforts led to good results.

Sriram put flowers on Gale's grave.

Can I tell you something?

You should get rid of these weeds.

I'm not sure why Sjaak said those things, but I bet he now wishes he hadn't.

Does Matthew often come here?

I heard Bernard came back.

I'm ignoring you.

I see Panzer every day.

This is going to take some time.

I've got a birthday coming up.

I prefer patients who can't talk.

So am I!

Won't you have another piece of cake?

I will take your suitcase.

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When air dries, it makes thirsty and cough.

Let's think about the worst that could happen.

We need a new plan.


I'm in really good shape.

I was there yesterday.

Take a look.

Let me read it.

Dimetry still isn't happy.

You'll never defeat me.

I like walking by myself.

The police could arrest you for that.

I go to bed late at night.

Have Maurice join me when he's available.

There's something on your back.


A pair of sunglasses could hide a stye.


The night was very still.

We didn't wait.

He was brought up by her grandmother.

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I think that she doesn't want to eat any more.

You're lying again.

The injured man was carried to the hospital.

Let's have a little fun.

Cristi tore out a couple of pages from his notebook.


An F-14 is a U.S. Air Force plane.

I'm supposed to make sure Sal doesn't forget to buy the tickets.

He was killed by his own brother.

I'm supposed to feel sympathy for the convict?

Gods don't kill people, people with gods kill people.

Are you Chinese?

I fear that he may be late for the train.

Alfred seems to be babbling.

We have a plane to catch.

We never bribed anyone.

I've been retired for three years.

She shared her piece of cake with me.

That took much longer than I expected.

They fixed it.

She may not wait any longer.

Thanks to you, I have problems with my blood pressure.

You look very familiar.

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Either of them is honest.

John is cheerful by nature.

I'll hold you responsible for this.

Would you like coffee?

I hear their marriage is on the rocks and they'll probably file for divorce soon.

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Donovan has had his say.

You cannot be too careful about spelling.

Moe and Dori both shouted as loudly as they could.

I am paid by the week.

The workers are expanding the road.

Anderson is indispensable.

I'm not coming along.

I didn't shoot anything.

How do I sign up?

I look over to Melissa.

She's usually here in the afternoons.

I wonder why no one tells the truth.

Both parents and teachers educate their children.

I'm doing the speed limit.

You're the only Canadian I know.

I know why Hume is here.

I didn't think it was real.

He knows how to switch on this machine.

Dustin hasn't heard from him for several months.


He knows ten languages.

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May I ask you what your name is?

Please read the meter.

Cherish the thought.

We had a wonderful holiday.

Jun will do well.

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Pete looks frazzled.


Why don't you read it for yourself?

This city is in the USA.

It's very difficult.

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Do you want me to rub your back?

Griff has had a busy week.

Teenagers often break rules.

The year the war ended, I was born.

Insects are arthropods.

I'll have to warn them.

We were caught in a storm.

Carol couldn't choke back her tears.

Earle needs some sleep.


It seems that bikinis are "in" this year.

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He walked off with my book.

I found the film romantic.

It is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it to dogs.

Merat isn't an idiot.

You owe me a lot.

Joy was manifest on the child's face.

Everyone knows his name.


That's what I thought at first.


I need first aid.

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Ernst forgot all about Kieran.

Keep walking.

I thought Joachim was supposed to be in Boston. What's he doing here?


We were absent.

Are your parents coming to pick you up?

Everyone looks worried.

Do you want to give up now after all the time we've put into this?

Nobody said anything for a long time.

I used to do that, but I don't do it anymore.

How do you heat the house?

I wanted to buy a house in downtown Boston, but I couldn't afford it.

It's the hottest city in the country.

We're making a logo for the firm.

Take a moment to imagine what the polar bear's environment is like.