Our team botched a lot of passes.

If I knew that, I'd tell you.

In the summers, I cut clothes at the tailor's shop.

Sylvan is over 80 kilos.

He is a Japanese boy.

A fire broke out in the middle of the city.

Elliott is quite boring, isn't he?


Could you have their luggage taken out please?

The particles in the rings closer to the planet orbit the planet at a faster speed than the particles in the rings farther from the planet.

You may answer.

Fibre-optic cables can carry huge amounts of information.

Can Leads stay for supper?

You should go get some sleep.

You are blinded by love.


Olivier and Jacques have been friends for a long time.

He told the boss some cockamamie story about being sick and needing days off from work.

Something is better than nothing.


Vernon ran back into the woods.

Lucy decided to reveal her love.

I'd like to question Willie.

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What makes you think that'll work?

Liz plays in a band.

Did you make this doll by yourself?

I'm not such an idiot that I believe you.

Why did you lend money to someone like her?

You said you needed someone to protect you.

I can give you comfort.

I think you'd better talk to Graeme.

I'm not going to say anything against Irvin.

I am twelve years old.

It is not easy to learn a foreign language.

Try to make sure Pravin doesn't do something stupid.

Do you have any good ideas on what I should name my horse?

I thought of Murray right away.

Why did you tell him that?


I'm not through with Stuart.

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They want change. They hate staying in one place.

The surgeon persuaded him to undergo an organ transplant.

The bad weather affected his health.

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It can't wait until tomorrow.

After almost a month I still remember the word.

Julie said Marguerite should go.


Open up the door.

I don't know how to talk to kids.

The French word 'oiseau', meaning 'bird', is the shortest one to contain five different vowels.

She is coming home at the end of this month.

Keep paging Sumitro.

He can read and write.

Vincent has to have an operation on his back.


Hillel and Jeremy kept their relationship hidden from their parents.

"Keep away from the vertical cliff!" she shouted.

In the twinkling of an eyelid, the Cat leaped on the blackbird, and ate him, feathers and all.

The label on the cover doesn't match the contents.

I asked first.


They say you should use your imagination.

The house whose roof you see over there is my father's.

Wait for a while. I'll make you some.

Art looked through all his desk drawers, but he still couldn't find what he was looking for.

A small car is more economical than a large one.

I want to talk about us.

Shinya married a pretty girl.


I want you to talk to them.


I had the gardener plant some trees.

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I have an open mind.

It's time for dinner.

What has legs, but cannot walk?

The question now is why.

Don't stay in the sun too long.


Clara could see that Malloy was shocked.

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It's none of our business.


He put his foot on the ladder.

I defy you to make it public.

Elliot is transgender.


Don't you think Jakob and Arne would make a cute couple?

These are just guidelines, not hard and fast rules.

As it is, I am awake.

Manuel died trying to save Piercarlo.

Will took the key out of his pocket and handed it to Tobias.


I memorized all your first names.


Her head was gray.

Kusum was in Boston last week, but I don't know if he's still there.

Do you want to walk together?

You can complain 'til the cows come home, but it's not going to make a bit of difference.

The train station is abandoned.


The price is going up.

We didn't need her for that.

We were waiting for the boat for many hours.

I am saving as much as I can.

Does Father know you've broken his watch?


The plumber used many different tools to fix our sink.

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I saw him cut down a tree.

She managed to back their boat into the garage.

You should get acquainted with the history of your own country.

It seemed that no one was in the village.

Do penguins live in the Arctic?

The result was what I had expected.

I rely on Ken.

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The poor boy sat there with his sister on his lap, and sung to her all the songs he knew, and now and then he looked into his geography lesson that lay open before him.


I feel lucky to have been chosen.

You'll see me in 30 minutes.

"No, I think not," answered the Queen.

I would like to discuss about the price with you.

I can take this to them.

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Johann advanced Jean two week's salary.

His criticisms were very severe.

This suit is too big for me.

Deborah committed suicide last year.

Tell her that everyone is here.

His behavior was appropriate to the occasion.

Emily wrote the sentence.

Your car is about to be towed.

Are you jealous of her?


I'll be on duty this Sunday.

I'm saving money for a car.

Doug isn't like Harris.


Where is a Japanese restaurant?

I can't believe that this is really happening to me.

Tatoeba is not a cult.

Toufic has yet to be found.

They had no choice but to leave.

Do you have an explanation?

I didn't want to say anything.

She is probably over forty.

I left at once, otherwise I would have missed the parade.

Who's knocking on the door?

There's no need to worry.

Mohammad is suspected of being involved in the bank robbery.

It's absolutely impossible for me to go on like this.

I wouldn't have been able to finish the job without your help.

I'm pretty tired from last night.

Because of the level of pollution which was said before, you can help the local environment by avoiding petrol-based means of transport, so you can both spend less money and reduce the level of pollution.

I made the mistake of trying to start a business with Konstantinos.

It took me five hours to finish the work.

Paul is a natty dresser.

Edoardo got really angry and threw the chair over onto the floor.

Was Tuan at the party?

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The girl standing over there is my sister Sue.

I have a list from them.

When she entered the room, he stood up.

It wasn't Renu.

That desk does not fit in this room.

Will you buy me some bread, please?

I didn't know apple trees grow from seeds.


I don't feel like doing anything right now.

Our stay in London was too short.

I should've known you'd be here.


Call 1-800-828-6322 for more information.

Where should I check in for Tokyo?

She was so curious that she opened the box.

You speak quickly.

Come on, close your eyes.

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Laurent and Frederic were standing just outside the door, whispering to each other.


We're not doing anything now.

Pass me the potatoes.

Is he speaking English, French, or German?

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I used to play guitar in a club.


The hostages will be released before Christmas.

This scene was stored in the back of your mind.

You're the only person I can trust.

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"Lately, I've become close friends with Gary." "Oh, that's good!"


He's in hot water.

We both know this.

My name is of Hebraic origin.