You ruined everything.

Ravindranath doesn't seem to like me.

That exercise - backs together, link arms, one bends forwards while the other stretches their back - we did that a lot as children, didn't we?

5 times 20 is 100.

Lin is on his way to work.

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Bamboos are one of the fastest growing plants on the planet.

As soon as I get to Hokkaido, I'll drop you a line.

Kristen might not go to tonight's party.


I stay up late every night.

Clare can't help Manjeri.

You've failed.

We're getting married next spring.

He came back at five.


The guests arrived in dribs and drabs.

There was no cat.

His train arrives at five this evening.

You're not working hard enough.

Can I get a kilo of beef steaks please?


Eli jumped out of a second-story window without getting hurt.


Can you lend me some money?


The devil may be a squirrel, but not all squirrels are the devil.

We are planning changes to the manufacturing process.

I was just pulling your leg.


I have only five rubles.

I don't like touching dead bodies.

Everything's going to be fine.

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Her parents are older than mine.


My jaw hurts.

Don't trust him, whatever he says.

Tell her to leave.


Do you know any of the children in the room?

Do a lot of people live in your town?

Don't scare the children.

The yin is dark, while the yang bright.

Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.

We have no complaints.

What are you on about?

Leung tipped the bellboy.

I prefer to look for a solution to problems, not only to report them.

It's going to be a good year.

Please connect a controller.

I work in the field of art.

Is Jisheng aware of what Reid did?


I think they really like Irwin.


This photo was taken in Boston three years ago.

She showed us her mother's photo.

Micheal is plowing his field.

I am eating dinner with my husband.

I don't want to sue her.

"Would you like some tea?" "Yes, please."

He has been the chief of his tribe for 35 years.

I'm doing fine.

They went to the station by car.

Why don't you stay a little while?

Wilmer hung his coat in the closet.


Where's Hachi?

Who's the party for?

He is saving money so that he may buy a motorcycle.

Don't talk about me.

It's not practical.


Don't think about that anymore.


I will stop it.

The bus arrived ten minutes behind time.

Your library is your paradise.

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You're not supposed to be in here.

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Nicolo doesn't think Laurel would do what you said she did.

The slogan "Arbeit macht frei" at the gates of the Nazi concentration camps was entirely cynical. The prisoners who believed the deceitful promise that work would set them free had no real chance of freedom, regardless of how much they laboured. Many of them were worked to death; many more were deliberately exterminated.

Rupert became self-conscious.

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What is the scale of this map?

The two lovers who eloped were crucified.

I'd like to order the same.

I talked to friends.

Whose wine is this?

They all applauded.

Kory paused to have a cigarette.


I'm on the N634, five kilometers from Llanes.

You are jealous.

Those are my orders.


I don't want to be judged just by my appearance.

It's not that strange.

I gave some books to him.

My uncle has been dead for three years.

Jessie gave orders that Alex was to be treated well.

Are you still angry with him?

Markus didn't want to eat the worms even though they were high in protein.

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If I want something, I get it.

I don't see what's changed.

I like figuring things out.

Mott stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.

My younger sister got married in her teens.

How long have you been sitting here?

He is accurate in his work.

I didn't buy that book.

Louiqa isn't my cousin.

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Everyone just stared at Hughes and didn't say a thing.

He scolded her for her weakness.

Listen and I'll explain.

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What does this say?

What is he aiming at?

There's a couple here.

I know you wanted to tell me something.

What is Aaronic Priesthood?


Joachim made chicken curry.

They promised not to go on strike during the conference.

He has a lot of pictures.

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I wrote one.

After Kee had eaten everything on his plate, he asked Pratapwant if he could eat her salad.

He is abroad.

I'm sick of it.

To be truthful, this matter doesn't concern her at all.

I wish I was as hungry as you.

That's such a wonderful movie.


I can't find anybody to ask.

The moon does not cross the meridian today.

It really was hard.

Roxane has been very good.

I tried to avoid conflict.

He has a dog.

We can always know how to.


While the car driver obtains an approximate view of a blooming meadow the city cyclist notices the different colors and scents of the blossoms, the smell of freshly mown grass, the swoosh of leaves of a chestnut tree, the sunlight twinkling through trees shimmering green in springtime.

I'm really quite busy, you know.

Tell Antonio the reason you can't go.

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I seldom eat dairy products.

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Going at her house at this hour in the night? No way!

Here is Tatoeba.

He sells radios.

The conversation at table is lively and interesting.

You might be interested in this.

Graeme slowly opened the door.

I loved you.


Next week, millions of people will be watching the TV program.

Carolyn told me that he thinks Walter is cute.

He has an innate love of adventure.

You've lost your mind.

Making amends is the first step toward rehabilitation.

Ah, I have been here before!

His weight is double what it was ten years ago.

Soohong often meets his friends here.

What kind of an idiot do you take me for?

Turn around slowly.

Indra hasn't really tried very hard yet.

The refugees in that camp have been living from hand to mouth for a month.

Ron was the first boy to hug Cindy.


One morning, a gorgeous girl wandered by.

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Bring my bags up to my room.


The child talks as if he were a man.

Many European people are aware of environmental problems.

Beckie is waiting inside.

I love to climb mountains.

Will you ever tell me your age?

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None of us is so foolish as to believe that he was telling the truth.

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Have you ever thought about what you want to do with your life?

She is a woman with a classical education.

I have a basic knowledge of English.

Kuldip is on the baseball team.

It will be five or ten years before the technology is ready.

You look nice with your hair short.

You need not have come in such a hurry.

Brent isn't watching TV now. He's sleeping.

I don't know how to apologize in French.

Tim didn't tell me he couldn't speak French.

I will have been studying for five years next February.

Please bring me two pieces of chalk.

He studied abroad.