I've read about a hundred books so far.

Drinking a lot of coffee can raise your blood pressure.

There's nothing we can do about that.

I should not have studied yesterday.

Tor knocked on the closed door.

I want some salt for my meat.

Donald began to cry hysterically.

I'll arrange everything.

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It is generally believed that Buddhism first came to China in 67 A.D. during the reign of Emperor Mingdi of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

They were the first to get into the bus.

The top of Mt. Fuji was covered with snow.

May we speak in private?

Celia gave me Olof's phone number.

You don't seem too happy.

His proposal isn't very important.


The queen of the witches is dead.

You are free to use this room.

How will you manage that?

Mac is no match for me.

A and B alternately roll an N-sided die, A always first. A game is lost by the first roll failing to better the previous. What is the probability that A wins?

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Evidently, our expert witness comes armed not only with details but a conscience.

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Hurry up, otherwise you'll be late.


Nadeem lost the shopping list his mother had given him and just bought things he wanted to eat.

In what way may I be of service to you?

Are there green?

Where's your home?

I didn't see where you put your car keys.

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I have always loved you so much.


I can't quite explain it, but I believe I've caught a glimpse of the differences between Japanese and American cultures and lifestyles.

Louise pretended to be working on her computer, but in fact she was eavesdropping on the conversation.

Children should be seen and not heard.

Rich is a terrible farmer.

Work slowly, and you won't make mistakes.


It wasn't a dream.

What an absurd idea!

I want to go to the same school that Jinchao plans to go to.

I disagree with it.

The spider spun her delicate web in the garden.

Her kindness was misunderstood.

Hein never told me he was having suicidal thoughts.

When I was young I got lots of things for free.

The broad river flows slowly.

It was fortunate that he passed it.

I never can tell when Perry is upset.


The heteronormative propaganda made me uncomfortable.

What's not clear?

He served as mayor.


I just bought a bike.


Just ask Leora.


What can Radek do for them?

I hate the politicians of the world who put their personal interests before those of their country.

I was the only child to enroll in college.


How can I get a hold of her?


I think that whoever created the Universe, a hole in the sky above him, also had no idea what is the "Universe".

He drinks beer.

I am not sure when he will be back.

I'm interested in bouldering.

Is it a cat or a dog?

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Good luck to both of you.

Is this the most serious matter?

Have you been to Boston or Chicago in the past three weeks?

Both of the girls are wearing white suits.

You know, this isn't half bad.

The resistance to theory is the resistance to the use of language about language.

As he sits in the dark, typing away at his computer, he hears the sound of morning birds chirping away and realizes he has been up all night - but the insomniac still refuses to sleep.

She related the result to her carelessness.

Can you forgive us?


You said you could speak French.

It could've been me.

Poverty had taught him to stand on his own feet.

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Maybe something will turn up.

I doubt that Bob is busy.

Wayne was talking to Kees at the party.

I would have written a longer letter if I'd had more time.

The electricity failed during the typhoon.

There is a better way.

We're practically brothers.

I know you're happy about that.

Would you please hold on a second?

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Where's the toilet?


I believe Morgan knows.

Dave sat at the bottom of the stairs wondering what he should do next.

Clarissa hasn't been all that successful.

I consider you my friend.

Hey, what're you hiding behind your back?


He is morose today.

I have been learning English these four years.

Masanobu bought a camera that was made in Japan.

Watch your step. The stairs are steep.

Tell me you love me.

The first immigrants in American history came from England and the Netherlands.

That is really a load off my mind.


Thuan said he wants to die.

I went to Uzbekistan.

Knapper is a hopeless romantic.

That's the question, isn't it?

Marla set the alarm on his watch.


I want to show them around town.

These days it's hard to tell the difference between political parties.

Farmers separate good apples from bad ones.

I need to know what Wilson knows.

I know someone who might be able to help.

Ask Kees what he's done.

Oh, you're leaving tomorrow!

Mara scribbled his signature on the contract.

Lois refused to ask for directions.


She doesn't keep her children under control.

Our college is far from the station.

I am rinsing the linen.

I wasn't home.

Carole said Boston is a nice place to live.

The army had no men near Harpers Ferry.

Our feelings towards him are mixed.

They won't allow it.

This work isn't child's play.

His great oration was like pearls before swine.

I have just one more thing to ask of you - get lost.


It is a matter of indifference to him.


I haven't been shopping yet.

We haven't reached our goal.

Irving's bruises are gone.

I can't believe you'd do something like that to me.

He has no children, but he is leading an otherwise happy life.


Is college worth it?

I'd appreciate it if someone translated my sentences.

Humans are conscious beings.

Your mental age is too low.

This book belongs to them. It's theirs.

The general strike paralyzed the whole country.

Why are you in your pajamas?

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It must be so hard for you.

Quickly Sadako tried to fold the paper before she fell asleep.

Turn the lights on, otherwise I can't work.

Money is needed.

It's possible that she won't come.

I bet Rafael knows where Ro is.

I know where to find a good doctor.

I've heard that Raj is sick.

She pulled the curtain aside.

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When we think this way, many problems arise.


Farouk tried to open the door.

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He who remains silent seems to consent.

You're popular.

We're just following orders.

I forgot to close the door.

He congratulates himself on his foresight.


I had little choice.


He held his head straight.

I just don't want to look at it.

Jong only makes about half as much as Trying does.

How many books have you read?

What does that even mean?

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That's the only problem with Gideon.


The Internet is serious business.

There's no need to get hysterical.

The game was called off on account of rain.

It was said that a great poet had resided here.

It's the fastest railroad in the world.

Shut up and listen, kid.

I can't cope with stress.

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The mailman is cute.

Lum already thinks I'm crazy.

All with one impulse worshiped the god.

We're claustrophobic.

Can I exchange this with something else?