We're a little behind.

Google "a native English is" in order to leave out the matches for "a native English speaker".

Just pick one out.

They scanned the spaceship with a probe.

Would you pass the salt, please?

Why not just tell them?

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I get paid thirty dollars an hour.

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Have you told him this?

I forgot to wind my watch up, so it stopped.

He was allegedly seduced by her into giving the key to the vault.

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You look ugly.

Malcolm's father was a very wise person.

How old are your children now?


I really need to get a haircut.


Floria heard footsteps and looked up.

This is pure nonsense.

She hated her husband.

I'm a big fan of golf.

Cyrus is coming next Monday.

Can he speak English?

The last time I was in China, I visited Shanghai.


I came back from the school, then I went out with my friends.

How many payments will it take to pay off this loan?

I'm moving, so I need boxes for my things.


Jane no longer needed an explanation of Mt. Fuji.

I still think June is wrong.

The general commanded that the city be attacked.

I learned it from him.

We all hate her.

I have a head cold.

I heard you got a new car.

I hear you're moving back to Boston.

You shouldn't look down on him.


Jim's father always comes home late.

Nati and I were watering the flowers, then she decided to water me!

Sanity is clearly an optimist.


The flood victims were housed in several schools.

At the New Year, we spend a lot of time with our family.

I always have two cups of coffee in the morning.


I'm a very independent person.

It is really time for us to go.

Urs deserves that.

That man was fired last week.

Do you have a stomachache?


Don't worry about your family.

I could not control my anger.

He was there on business.

You are old enough to know this.

My ears were ringing from being beaten.

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I parted with my old car, though I hated to do so.

They all did it.

I could not stop by to greet you because I was in a hurry.

The system is rigged.

Louie married her anyway.

This could get real interesting.

We have about nine students.

Much legal language is obscure to a layman.

Nothing could please us more.

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Kill the bunnies first.

Rogue is up to something.

The Polish language is on trial!

I hear that keeping yourself hydrated at appropriate times can help prevent heatstroke.

Her mother went to the United States to learn English.


There are at least thirty students in our class.

We haven't been married long.

I told Jacobson I could do it by myself.

The man leapt to his death.

She tried to keep abreast of the latest fashions.

I need to be on my own for a while.

I will drive you to Brindisi.

Space sat there silently watching Lois eat the last of the food.

Do you have drinks without alcohol?

I just wanted to get Marc's attention.

I wanted to have lunch with Rajarshi tomorrow, but he told me he'd be out of town.

It was pretty easy.

Don't ask for the impossible.

I want you to dance with me.

Men only think that you are wise when you share or approve of their folly.


It certainly looks like rain.


Even Fred doesn't like Claire.

I thought you were on duty.

Please read it once more.

Marcel has been very good.

Merat bought a leather jacket.

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June gave Kristen a warning look.

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That guy is a bully.

He challenged the mountain at the risk of his life.

I'm about to pee.

The girl to whom he is speaking is Nancy.

She read my mind.

I missed the 7:00 train.

I think Emily wants to sell us something.

I should've checked.

Don't enter the room without permission.

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Tufts is the most dangerous university in the world.

Dan needed to tip the balance in his favor.

Xiaoding asked Teacher Lin while holding a picture: "Is this picture of you taken in the Beijing University Library?"

I looked at what Hugh gave me quite closely.

I didn't find anything I wanted.

We can't just fire her.

I'm planning to go to graduate school.

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She complained to him about the food.


Cut the cloth in a diagonal direction.


We are bound to make mistakes from time to time.

Also my bedding got dirt on it.

You broke her heart.

Rob should be able to stop this.

You have dealt well with Your servant, O LORD, according to Your word.

They were very hungry.

It's possible that he came here as a child.

Edgar has a black belt in judo.

We may even want to stay for another day or two.

Tatoeba always needs more sentences!

I'm not used to it.

Never underestimate Wade.

It seems like you're trying to provoke a fight.

I think you should buy yourself a new dress.

You didn't go there.

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Only two Texans were killed.

I need to rewrite my report.

All he thinks about is himself.

Do you think I don't know that?

It's only a temporary solution.

I should have studied my French seriously.

The automobile industry is one of the main industries in Japan.

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You've got a bus to catch.

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The Second World War isn't over yet.


You owe us an apology.

The criminal is sure to do time for robbing the store.

I have to disassemble this engine.

The pasture has an area of 10 acres.

He went there as his father told him.

The rain stopped as soon as they went inside.

I think Raymond is too competitive.

We want to do this right.

Barney swung the bat and hit a home run.

I couldn't keep myself from yawning.

Hughes was supposed to be there yesterday.

I took two cold tablets before I laid down.

Catherine lit a cigarette.

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We listened to her for some time.

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A new law has come into existence.

The space ship will get to the moon soon.

Give them to him.

I think I can keep Bud from bothering you anymore.

How do you know I'm not from here?

You should stay away from that guy.

There's something very strange happening here in our house.


Let's see what we're dealing with.

Kenichi Matsuyama's acting is very good.

Marie's hiding something from me.


A house divided against itself can't stand.

The boy splashed about in the tub.

Harris is very foolish.

Tal was very depressed.

He works for a large American corporation.

How many people are there?

What did they want?

Why don't you tell her?

Jisheng wanted Molly to be more careful.


Pedro has agreed to help us figure out what's wrong.


I feel silly.


They're starving.

I want to know who killed them.

We're back together.

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Is something wrong with that?