"Oh, the places you will go!" Dr. Seuss

As your life coach, I am an avatar
of whole life fulfillment. I guide and inspire you to be all you are and so much more.

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Get Ready! its time for your Quantum Leap!

About Quantum Leap Coaching

Get ready. It’s time for your quantum leap! Quantum leap? Yes, that magical, “aha” moment that lets you know you’ve made a key connection and personal leap to a new way of thinking and being. Reenergized, confident, clear and eager to move forward with decisive action, you feel that break-through shift in energy setting you in motion. Unstuck. With a greater vision of what’s possible in your life and what you truly want for yourself, you’re prepared to tackle a current situation, launch a new venture, turn a relationship around or make a dream come true.

You deserve it. Oh, the places you can and will go!


What People Are Saying

"I met Judy Vernick three months after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Getting to the top of that mountain was a significant quantum leap in my life, and the start, or so I thought, of easy soaring from there. Little did I know, my climbing days had just begun, with some really tough mountains stretching out in front of me. Quantum Leap Coaching has taught me how to fly, in my own unique way. I have learned to see myself from the inside out, and live from this internal place of self-acceptance and strength.

Quantum Leap Coaching is a very special process that has helped me to find and keep-what is true for me. There is nothing like it, and founder Judy Vernick is a one-of-a-kind Flight guide. She had a remarkable ability to see my wings, before I could, and she efficiently guided me through a very real, practical process that helped me to create my own clean AIR and sustain it. Judy didn't do the flying for me.

This is vital to authentic change, I discovered. Rather, she helped me to unearth my wings, check (and re-check) my internal control panel, and soar, even through some of my darkest hours and stiffest challenges. I can't imagine where I would be right now without Judy Vernick and her Quantum Leap Coaching. I can imagine all of the places I will go from here."

-Karen Long Kern
Mountain Climber and Communications Strategist

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