Milo has already done it.

I can attest to everything she just said.

Lyndon wondered where Evelyn had spent her childhood.

Luis backed his car out of the parking space.

I accept the proposal with reservations.

I've got to get back to work.

He was bursting with fury.


It's our one hope.

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Nancy did some shopping on the way.

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Howard was wearing a seat belt.

Judy grew up in an orphanage.

Malaclypse took a little mirror out of her purse and checked her hair and make-up.

The room looks different, now I like it more.

Oh Russ, I think that your boyfriend's here!

How old is this dog?

Urbanization is encroaching on rural life.


I'm sorry, but I don't speak French very well.

Give me some time to figure out what went wrong.

You may as well talk to a stone wall as to him.


I'm overdressed.

You don't want to be lazy.

I have a glass eye.

I'll see her next week.

Stu might want to consider not going to work today.

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He's either crazy or on drugs.

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I thought the Jacksons were having a party.


"I work on a farm," said Nicolo.

When did I do that?

She needs assistants.

Stanley sat down and opened her shoulder bag.

He cares little for my advice.

I don't get the point.

It looks like winter is here to stay.

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She offered Sandip a gift.

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If I were you, I wouldn't talk to Theodore.


Something creepy has been happening.

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La Chingada is a small community in the municipality of San Gabriel located two hours from Guadalajara.

We must go and see him.

Murph hates his job.

I don't think I've made enough spaghetti for everyone.

I will give up drinking at any cost.

I am tired of reading.

They grow strawberries in their greenhouse.

We were surprised at the sound.

They're gorgeous.


Glenn said he couldn't wait any longer.

Orville won't say yes.

Bill currently goes to college in Boston.

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The quarrel settled, he returned home.


When do you use it?


Give us something to work on.

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I lol'd.


Supplies were very low.


Their plans blew up when the war broke out.

He tried to use my computer without my finding out about it.

We are glad to help you.

Have you told her what to do?

They will consider this.

I love my motherland.

They all started laughing at Teri.

She is off duty tonight.

If you're suggesting what I think you're suggesting, you're crazy.


Avery has no choice in this matter.

In 2011, Toyota recalled two million vehicles which, they alleged, had gas pedals that could jam and cause the car to accelerate uncontrollably.

How many parking places are there in this garage?

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As far as I am concerned, I have nothing to say.

The contest starts tomorrow.

This time it went well.

Call an exterminator.

Sandra offered me her seat on the train.

I hope someone turned my missing cellphone in to the lost and found.

He checked the plane for possible damages.

Ask Bobbie not to wait for me.

We can't just leave it here.

She's so impetuous; I wish she would consider things before acting.

Heather and Alice both married men younger than them.

Polly isn't answering his cell.

"Do you want some water?" "Yeah, I'd love some."

Her dress is not to my taste.

Billie doesn't want to play any of the songs Sarah requested.

I want you to stand up.

It is likely to be fine tomorrow.

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Don't stare.


It's no use trying to keep secrets from journalists.


If only we had a child!

What is the matter with your car?

Not much time is required.

When was the last time you tidied your room?

Leora has nothing to be ashamed of.


General John Pope made a terrible mistake.

Where would you like me to put this?

Mr Davis looks very tired.


The only thing that mattered to Caleb was that we weren't impolite to his boss.

I'll come into the office early tomorrow.

She ratted me out.

I thought Blake sounded happy.

If you're really in love, water tastes like expensive wine.


Have they escaped?


In contrast to many rumours, I don't know everything.

The party is in full swing.

She's not much younger than me.

We haven't seen Izumi.

Kidney beans shouldn't be eaten raw.

Judge was foolish.

How many times have you been married?


He took his own medicine.

I was trying to tell him that.

Ranjit said he just needed more time.

The weather was cold and it rained a lot.

Johnathan saw a strange blue light in the sky.

The country is twice the size of England.

You've violated our trust.


Some of the tariffs were as high as sixty percent.


Seen from the plane, the islands were very pretty.

Tell me who I have to talk to.

Melinda immediately answered Michelle's question.

Her book is famous not only in England but also in Japan.

He was at the gate of death.


Giles has done this a thousand times.

Many lacked political experience.

Deborah could barely hide his excitement.

Her efforts bore fruit.

Dawson said he didn't know how to play tennis.

Confession is good for the soul.

She wouldn't harm a fly.

I haven't heard of it.

He's happy that he passed that exam.

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I am familiar with your name.


That huge mammal is called an elephant.

Kyu wants to say 'thank you' to you.

Is there a live band or a DJ in this club?


I'm living proof that death can be overcome.

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He set his son up as a baker.


Claude is really hungry.

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I'm sick of listening to Tai.

Franklin is unable to do this.

Todd has a kid.

Would you please repeat your question?

Everywhere were fruits and sweet and delightful flowers.

Darren entered the house through the front door.

Mason is always telling jokes.

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For any type of organisation, internal harmony and unity are important factors in deciding its success or failure.

Twelve years old is old for a dog.

That's a lot!

Gunter burst out crying.

The opposite of peace is war.

In other words, you agree with *me*?

How can I get to heaven?

Myrick's very nice.

Spock was unable to conceal his anger.

You don't speak English.

This book contains many pictures.

In baseball, the pitcher is the player who throws the ball.

I preferred wearing my Hawaiian T-shirt and green shorts to be cool and different, but I quickly got used to the white shirt and black slacks.

The rough material hurt the child's tender skin.

Do you think I'm funny?

Can you wait a few weeks?

I told Martin to save a piece of cake for me.

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Can I get a kilo of chicken breast please?