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Full Stack Development

From desktop, web, or mobile applications to full custom hardware and software solutions, we can make your idea a reality.

Integrated hardware and software solutions

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A power monitoring system created for building control. We designed the hardware, project managed the manufacture and wrote all firmware and associated software.

We Provide Embedded Development Services

With extensive experience delivering fully integrated systems, we are ideally placed to assist with your next software or hardware project, from complete (713) 413-2197 and Industrial Control solutions to conventional web applications, server systems, desktop software and mobile apps.

We have implemented security systems for prisons, environmental and power monitoring for datacentres, lighting control for commercial buildings, databases systems, web sites, administrative workflow automation - and more.

Unlike many competitors, we can design complete systems from custom circuit boards to modern web and mobile interfaces and all steps in between. Coordinating software, hardware, design and manufacturing can be like herding cats. With us, that isn't necessary: we can handle the full stack or just the parts relevant to your project.

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Why Choose Us?

We don't claim to be 'market leaders' or to have a 'unique approach', however:

We Understand Software

We have many years of experience building software systems for Desktops, Servers, Databases, Web, Cloud, Embedded and Mobile from blue chip clients and public services to SME companies.

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We Understand Hardware

We have designed and manufactured custom hardware for Datacentres, Hotels, Major Banks, Prisons, Sound Engineering, Entertainment Lighting Control, Domestic installations and many more.

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We Understand Connectivity

We design and build products using modern protocols and the latest wireless or cabled technologies, integrated with robust message brokers and cloud services.


Kinexic Advantages


We have been doing this long enough to notice when a great new innovation is really just an old idea coming back into fashion.

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No Agenda

We are not locked in with specific vendors. You won't find us pushing a WordPress or Microsoft solution just because that's all we know or we get a margin on licensing.


Latest Technologies

Experience doesn't mean being stuck in the past. We moved to ES6/7, TypeScript, Angular and VueJS as soon as they were available.

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Specialist Knowledge

Do you need an SNMP interface? DMX512 or DALI lighting control? RFID? ModBus? CANBus?, A custom ODBC driver? We have experience in areas that are obscure to most people.

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From firewalls and AWS configuration to proximity controlled doors and IP-CCTV to GDPR and FSA compliance, we understand security and data protection.

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No Twaddle

With us you get best practices and industry standards, not 'unique approaches', a forest of marketing buzzwords and hyperbole about being 'market leaders'.

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Sectors & Services

Our main operational areas.


C#, GoLang, Delphi, FreePascal, hybrid apps with Electron, server apps with Python and more...


ARM, MIPS, x86, C, FreeRTOS, MicroPython, Pascal, KiCAD and other circuit design solutions.


Web Development

Vue, Angular, Django, Flask, ASP.NET Core, and various CMS systems.

Cloud Computing

AWS, Azure, FireBase, Virtual Servers, online Databases and other integrations.


Internet of Things

MQTT, CoAP, LoraWAN, BlueTooth, WiFi, GSM, GPS, Sensors and custom circuitry.

Mobile Apps

Hybrid or native apps using NativeScript, Kotlin, Cordova, Weex and others...

Recent Projects


Integration of SNMP and ModBus based environmental and power monitoring systems.

Creation of database and polling architecture to query data from SNMP and serial protocol capable monitoring hardware. The proprietary data structure from each device required normalisation into standard structures to enable comparisons and calculations across manufacturer boundaries.

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RFID card access control, integrating legacy systems and centralising audit trails.

Providing central access control to equipment racks and associated environmental monitoring, with the capability to integrate lock units from three different manufacturers operating at different voltages and using different data protocols.


Datacentre PDU

Custom power distribution units (PDU) with all associated software and networking.

A project for a datacentre customer requiring several hundred custom designed, rack-mountable PDUs, connected over RS-485 cabling to monitoring hubs which in turn connect over TCP/IP to a central server that supports desktop, webapp and mobile user interfaces.