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DIANE A.: 5/15/2015

VX3 Customer Review: I am adding my complaint regarding the phony invoice we received from this company. It was identical to a business invoice complete with account number and payment coupon. Extremely deceptive and I am thankful I checked with our web designer before paying it. If you pay, they sign you up and if you want to cancel, they cancel your account with no refund (according to the fine print on the back of the invoice).


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negative customer review vx3

We are an Arizona based company and a colleague referred me to VX3. Turns out, he’s a frenemy, not a friend! I almost lost my f*cking job because of the disaster that VX3 created for my company. They were supposed to set up audio visual for 3 presentations. The visuals were all messed up. Not a single slide could be enlarged and if it was, the screen conked out. Audio was a complete sham. NOBODY HEARD THE CEO. He had to yell through the entire presentation. We barely made it through the first one before people began streaming out of the event. My boss was so angry, we almost lost some of our biggest clients. NEVER USE XV3! They’re completely useless and will make you look horrible. As for the refund… it’s been 3-months and we still haven’t received it.