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Crust us with all your pizza needs. Purchase a one way ticket to pizza paradise here!

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Fruit Pizza is hiring! Looking to be a part of an insanely talented team and make some "dough" in the bargain? Apply here!


How to make cookie fruit pizza

Watch our chef make his exclusive Cookie Fruit Pizza Recipe!

Questo è Delizioso!Come Explore Our Plethora of Delicious Pizzas!

Have you ever had a luscious mushroom and pepperoni pizza topped with the most vibrant strawberries, cheese dripping down your chin with each mouthful, all the aromas quickly assailing your nostrils and a delightful sweet yet spicy flavor embracing your taste buds? If your answer is no, then you haven't lived!

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Get To Know Us!Journeying back to our humble beginnings...

Fruit Pizza is an Italian restaurant headquartered in New York City. It was started by three guys who are insanely passionate about pizza. The restaurant had its grand opening on 17th September 2005 and has since been the talk of the town. The menu consists of every pizza imaginable and comes with an awesome twist. Fruit! That's right!