Darryl seemed surprised at the news.

Can I get a witness?

Eddie is pretty good at playing rockabilly.

Nadeem made a sandwich.


I am looking for a white mini skirt!


Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities.

Jeremy held the coin between his thumb and forefinger.

Just a moment. Let her finish.


If you're tired, go to sleep!

One in four corporations doesn't pay any taxes.

Dr. Smith gave me some meds to calm down, but I didn't take them.

Is there a supermarket near here?

It seems he spent many a night unable to sleep.

Steen thought that Sanford was asleep.

I told the news to Hwa, not to Ro.

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I wonder who it was.

What ever can that be?

Might it happen to be a large symbolic grove of trees?

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Could you give me a hand with this stew?

He helps with the housework.

Gene couldn't remember what Cynthia had told him.

A secretarial post is open.

Is he better today?

I'm beginning to see what you mean.

We have different opinions.

Some lion Bruce Willis is chasing is a formidable animal, but is not ferocious.

Kusum's opponent was Matt.


The girl talked to her parents about her college life in Tokyo.

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Usually, they did not stay long.

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Can't you understand the pain of your parents?


Whales are not fish. They are mammals.

Would you drink champagne?

Billy is a very beautiful and interesting woman.


He strongly cried out asking for help.


Bea is looking a bit embarrassed.


You've got paint on you.

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I have news about them.

Becky did that already.

This is the life.


Will you have another cup of milk?

I am just warming up now.

I'm sorry, my boss is sleeping right now. Please come back tomorrow.

It is Soseki that my sister likes best.

How often have you been there?

You'd be amazed how long it takes to get a driver's license.

Let's see what's wrong with it.

Apart from the plot, the book interested me.

They are impatient for their lunch.

To my surprise, he failed in the exam.

I like him a lot, but sometimes he gets on my nerves.

He dissented from the opinion of the majority.

Professor Reinhard Selten, Nobel laureate in economics, said: Esperanto is good for the mind.

She acted without thinking.

There are lots of clouds in the sky today.


Tell us everything you know about what's been happening.

Try on that shirt.

Am I interrupting something here?


You're not all that productive!

She's burying her money in the sand.

That woman standing over there is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

She was dumb with fear.

I went to Vienna for the first time last year.

She knows how to make more than a hundred types of bread.

Are you sure you're well enough to work?

Hey, has this been sitting out on the dinner table all day? It has to go in the refrigerator or it'll go bad.

Duke is leaving on a trip on Friday.

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The tall woman is listening to the brown horse.

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You absolutely rock.

Where did you return them?

He is very handsome.

Mayo burned his toast.

I'll be out of town for a week or two.

Honzo put two sugar cubes in his tea.

I can't call Think at home.


Santa told Kamel how much he loved her.


I'm here for a meeting.


Duelling was in improvement over the thug-gang skirmishing it replaced.


I apologize for not replying right away.

Winnie isn't going to help.

Noam is still living in Boston.

No one makes chicken soup like my mother.

It's sort of a long story.

Set me as a seal on thy heart, as a seal on thine arm, for strong as death is love, sharp as Sheol is jealousy.

I need to know who helped Anthony.

Many of our customers are from Canada.

I spent three months in hospital when I was thirteen.


To be mad is to greet.

What's all that?

I'm frightened.


If you tell me the truth, I'll forgive you.

Wait, we can't do this.

Does your mom know?

We're going to get along great.

Everyone is waiting for him.

The walkers set out from Boston and reached San Francisco six months later.

At this rate, we'll have to change the schedule.

Shai was very sorry for what he had done.

We'll meet her.


I'm a fan of pacifism.


The chimney is built of bricks.

Do you have a smoke?

These new curtains don't go well with the rugs.

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I didn't even know Henry was here.

Your life is in my hands.

Leads made no excuses.

The girl that likes me is over there.

Brodie has to go back to Boston tomorrow.

As soon as I get to Hokkaido, I'll drop you a line.

I knew you'd be talking about me.


The old man is possessed of great wealth.

Her husband doesn't even know why she died.

Tell Sedat what else is on your mind.


Laurie was beginning to sweat profusely.

I knew that I'd break her heart, but I had no choice.

This piano has only 87 keys.

He said on his return, "It has been a wonderful tour."

The crowd was silent.

He fell head over heels into the water.

You are so beautiful, my love, so beautiful!

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Well, just what is it you're trying to say?

He left his team because he couldn't get along with the manager.

Did Nora say why?

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I wanted to be a teacher.


You're shy.


They're not all criminals.


That would be unprofessional.


I've seen this movie three times.


The weather in Boston today is great.

I want to know why you're late.

All the bedrooms have a bathroom and a television set.


Dan hit Matt and forced him to apologize to Linda.

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Matthew stammered.

I misjudged you.

Is anyone surprised?

They are not being careful.

She took the old woman's hand and led her to the church.

You're not young anymore.

Mason came downstairs.


This is a pun.


Mitsubishi Bank merged with Tokyo Bank.


I don't want to live alone.


It doesn't look like anything to me.

Some food was brought to them.

Want fries with that?


You're going nowhere.

There is no life without electricity and water.

The English are a practical people.

This is a random sentence.

I'm used to being ignored by my parents.

There weren't any roses in the garden.

We've got it all worked out.

I believe that he is a reliable man.

You need patience, Saify.

Come meet everybody.

Rand was interviewed on TV last night.

It's no concern of mine.

Since this heater seems to be out of order, I'll have him repair it.