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FanFundit is the newest way for coaches, athletic directors, booster clubs and program directors to safely and efficiently raise funds for teams and programs through crowdfunding — or as we like to call it, “FanFunding.” With FanFundit, just build it, share it and let your fans and supporters do the rest!


FanFundit means no more collecting cash and checks, no more making deposits, and no more waiting for the funds to become available. All you have to do is build the list of items your team needs, share that list with fans and supporters and let them do the rest.
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Booster Clubs/Team Parents

You work hard to solicit donations and request sponsorships to support your team. FanFundit is a solution that makes the fundraising process more efficient, more profitable and most importantly, safer and more transparent.



With FanFundit you can manage fundraising for all the teams in your program. Create multiple safe, trackable and effective campaigns with adjustable goals and deadlines that build school, club, team spirit, and awareness.
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United States Women National Softball Team

The United States women's national softball team is....
Raised $0.00 / $6,086.50

United States Men National Hockey Team

The United States men's national ice hockey team....
Raised $0.00 / $5,701.30

United States Men National Football Team

The United States National American football team represents....
Raised $0.00 / $1,223.20