Her blue shoes go well with that skirt.

Our team is still undefeated.

This pilaf tastes great!

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Desert ecology is a new field of study.


Are you suggesting that Kamel isn't dead?


I'd gladly pay more for something if it's of high quality.

Corey and Margot aren't alone.

Get back in the car.

Smooth out your dress.

My big brother likes music.

Panzer wasn't here when I came in.

Roland and his friends sat around the fire, talking about the good old days.

Do you want to join us for some drinks?

My neighbors provided food for me.

My sister works as an assistant to a college professor.

Let us see who can tell the biggest lie, and the one who lies the best shall have the whole cake.


I think this has something to do with Frederick's problems.


Tomas is a Red Sox fan.


There were several stars to be seen in the sky.


She promised to marry him.

Let him believe this, and he will live more consistently and morally, than by any other system.

Don is packing.

Does the printer have any ink?

Karen entered the empty room and immediately noticed a lit cigarette in the ashtray.


There is a lot of snow on the roof.


What else did you two do?


I didn't tell Sigurd what happened.

I couldn't help overhearing, but you're police officers who handle cyber-crime or some such?

It goes without saying that our plans depend on the weather.

I'll come at three o'clock if it is convenient to you.

"Oh! they'll find him guilty," said the other. "Don't you be afraid of that."

Dawson doesn't know how to say what he wants to say in French.

Sometimes things that happen do not make sense.


If only Case could see you now.

We went to Boston to visit them.

I met Triantaphyllos when I was staying in Boston.

She has a strong wish to work as an interpreter.

On a bus or a train one must pay a fare.


OK, I will come pick you up at four o'clock.

Good evening. How many are in your party?

Did that make her mad?

Vistlik wiped the blood off his sword.

A campaign is underway throughout the company to achieve economy in the use of copying paper.


I want to be there for her.


Michel says that he'll wait.

Jane knows everything that happened.

It was far from certain.

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Mother is cooking in the kitchen.

He can do it.

In 1964, Roger Miller agreed to record sixteen songs. One of those songs was "Dang Me." It became his first number one selling record.

You're always wasting your money.

They ordered two shots and two beers.


You don't want to go, do you?

I couldn't believe it was Donn.

We can't just leave them here.

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I love how you think of other people's needs before your own.

Do you like watching sports?

I didn't talk to anybody.

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I have information for Space.

Bonnie looked both ways before crossing the road.

Blayne anxiously hurried away.

When I came, he was out.

How many sit-ups should I do a day?

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Did you let him drive your car?

She gave me a lovely watch, but I lost it.

This is one of the dictionaries I told you about yesterday.

Will you let me have a holiday tomorrow?

Please don't ask me to do that again.


I've done this kind of thing before.

This car belongs to us.

I was fined 20 dollars for illegal parking.

Where's your backpack?

We don't want to be the first ones there.

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We respect them a lot.


It looks great.


I think you used too much salt.


We piled the wood in the backyard.

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They waved flags to welcome the princess.

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Floyd thought the car Trey was driving wasn't safe.

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Neil almost never gets sick.

I've never lost a fight.

I'd like to try on shoes other than those.


Johnny and Kusum helped one another.

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You absolutely must watch it.

In your reckoning, what accounts for these phenomena?

Were you drunk last night?


We had not gone far before we saw the road blocked by a truck.

The deadline for the reports is next Monday.

Kamel gave me that idea.

Walter still works here.

I can't buy that car - it costs an arm and a leg.

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She always speaks to him in a loud voice because he's hard of hearing.


Neither do I.

I cooked dinner for Nils.

We are studying Spanish.

Hurry only if you have a time-dependent objective or destination.

I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.

Why aren't there any lights?

There is just enough light to read by.


Just as the female ant after coition loses her wings, which then become superfluous, nay, dangerous for breeding purposes, so for the most part does a woman lose her beauty after giving birth to one or two children; and probably for the same reasons.

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When will you be back in Italy?


He does it faster than me.

Svante is limping now.

Is it okay if I borrow these books?


Del ate breakfast alone.


You're shivering. Are you cold?

The boy bought a book.

Does she want to go away?

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He was taken care of by a certain young doctor.

Take hold of opportunity by the forelock.

The children failed to see the daisies dancing in the moonlight.

Stuart needs to be brought up to date.

I refuse to discuss the question.

Until several years ago, I thought about nothing but work all day and night.

We have five English lessons a week.

In nine cases out of ten he will take the first place.

I don't feel very happy.

Yes, you need glasses.

Moran was on the same bus as I was.


What was wrong with the old one?

This apple juice is pure.

There's no way Rusty would've done what you say he did.

I take a bath every morning.

Call me later in the week.

The sky was completely dark.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.


Gigi kept winning.

She didn't feel good.

I made Gerard an offer he couldn't refuse.

He'll be seventeen in February.

Saul doesn't eat much meat.

I can't believe Mikey quit his job without talking it over with Tony first.

Can I reserve a bottle and have you keep it here for me?


That'll change.

Santa, I would like a girlfriend for my Christmas present.

Are you sure this is the right way to do it?


Olof got paid today.

Is there a telephone in the kitchen?

I want to be pampered.

You should wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

Can I take Alberto home?

Three months later, Moses was dead.

Everyone is inside Derek's trailer.

I like shopping with Marion.

We just want to help them.


At a time when women's voices were silenced and their hopes dismissed, she lived to see them stand up and speak out and reach out for the ballot.

I just need some time.

The school year is almost over.

We're here for you.

He stands about seven feet.

I grew up in this small town.

Nurses attend sick people.

Can't you see it's our only chance?

Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.


He carried out the plan.