I gave one to him, too.

Where are our clothes made, and how are they being made?


It's my brother's.

I was left without a battery.

I arrived there too early.


That is completely useless.

Part of the charm of a big city lies in the variety of styles that can be seen in the architecture of its buildings.

Make a good translation of the sentence that you are translating. Don't let translations into other languages influence you.

You are asking about something that is the reason for something happening in the future, and/or a usage. What is that reason, and is it for something happening in the future, a usage, or both?

This is an important theory.

Technology will make a lot of progress in the nineties.

There are many factors.


It's because I love her.


I have no son.

Clarence was hungry.

Tell me a true story.

On board his flying saucer, he's flying over houses...

Recently, no matter how much I sleep, it never seems to be enough.

Barrett is a really good coach.

That was a stupid idea.

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Is anyone else excited?

The Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1865.

That's probably a mistake.

She has the hands on the window.

What does it mean to develop a sound architecture?


There's very little paper left.

We made eye contact.

He kept his promise.


I don't know the theater play, but I know the author well.


You should learn how to use your dictionary.

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Thank you a lot for this information.

Are you doing something differently?

I am not myself, my usual self having caught a cold.

One that confounds good and evil is an enemy to the good.

Are rabbits cuter than squirrels?

Jerrie volunteered for the mission.

How many bowls of rice did you eat?


I see Dan.

Celeste is the meanest kid in school.

I don't like the way I look.


She is a total stranger to me.

She prayed.

My cats aren't sleeping under the bed any more.

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Takayuki never seems to enjoy being with us.

We've never seen Syed like this before.

I just wasn't paying attention.

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Get your hands off of her.

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I sent Juliet to Boston in my place.

I hate to lose.

Suddenly, the light went out.

Anderson was afraid that Kristin might poke her eye out, so he told her to be careful.

If we had wings, could we fly to the moon?

Stay at your house until six o'clock.

What is the best question to ask?

Who is the wisest person you know?

He gave up the attempt in despair.

Investing abroad on your national currency basis will not always be profitable.

Nobody ever listens.

The news spread like wildfire.

A dog is running in the park.

I did do some checking.

He's on our side.

Tricia drank his orange juice.

It's cooler tonight.


I dislike big cities.

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That place is in the middle of nowhere.

He is schizophrenic.

He killed the old lady just for kicks.

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She took her book.

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Boiling water evaporates and turns into a gas.


Who did you see at the theatre?


Can I rent rackets?

Duke is a really nice kid.

He doesn't know what he's supposed to do.

Hand me that wrench.

I appreciate how you feel.

They don't know how to use an asterisk.

Little did they imagine that they would lose the game.


Join now and pay nothing for a whole year.

I'll show you a good time.

Part of why corn syrup is in everything is because massive corn monocultures have created a surplus that agriculture companies are scrambling to get rid of.


Isidore pitied Vidhyanath.


Ain't no pot so crooked, you can't find a lid to fit.

Lunch is ready.

He didn't offer thanks for the good harvest.

You have to turn to the history and go a few centuries back to the Renaissance era, to Leonardo da Vinci, in order to find as fascinating a man who not only dilettante, but with a genius working in many different fields.

I know how persuasive Tony can be.

I travel a lot.

The cat has started acting strangely.


I yelled at Stevan.

Everyone believed in you.

We just couldn't find anything.

This data is of no value now.

The ships reached port.

Come in and sit down.

The twins are as alike as two peas in a pod.

Tai was surprised by what Syed asked him.

Cairo has a very warm climate.

Why don't you go back to your hotel and get some sleep?

She can't ski any more than Jane can.


Please stop crying.

How long ago was this?

I have to get used to doing this.

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I suggested that we should go to the movies.


If we stick together, we'll be able to survive.


I went to Bali on summer holiday.


Can you tell one bird from another by hearing them?

I know Chris better than anyone.

The wind feels great today.

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I can't put up with the way he spits.

I'm going to get some air.

Could you tell me how to get to Park Street from here?

The sky cleared up.

Help me finish building this vole ladder and I'll treat you to dinner.

Is it clear now?

Regular services are essential to ensure trouble-free motoring, and to prolong the life of your car.

Probably he wasn't just playing practical trick on us.

He never goes out after dark.

Such a philosophy seems reasonable on paper, but it never works out in the real world.

His jokes really slay me.

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Where do you think all the money goes?


Don't you want something to eat?

Utterly different from Benjamin was his friend John, who was kind and benevolent.

Rex won a prize in the spelling competition.

Miles won't go away.

Her bold plan seemed to be too difficult, but before long it proved to be practicable.

He took an oral examination.

She writes beautifully.

Kids are getting hurt playing contact sports.

This towel is so soft and fluffy. It feels good!

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Japan depends on imports for raw materials.

I think we should try a little harder.

When did you buy the watch?


I think you're cute.


You'll look beautiful in this embroidered gown!

I figured out what I need to do.

Churchill uses the metaphor of building a temple.

Actually that's a smart idea.

She won't agree to a divorce.


I hope he's wrong.

Would you mind if I told him?

Sean's bound to need help to move into his new apartment.

Japan is a mighty nation.

On arriving home, he laid himself on the floor.


They say that she was born in Germany.


I was a little behind in my loan payments.

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The storm sent the temperature down.

How I love this pilot!

I like all sorts of paintings.

Sigurd is coming, too.

Please don't leave me with her.

A long time ago when Pluto was still a planet, there was a boy named Kee.

I can't promise anything.

Nobody likes my country.

Take care in whatever you do.

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You'll remember that until you die.


Norway has a total area of 385,252 square kilometres and a population of about 5 million.


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