I knew my dad worked hard.

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I had the best time of my life.

Even if he brought me flowers, I still won't forgive him.

They talked with her for an hour at class.

I think I'll have the salmon.

You've got to do better.

I don't expect anything good to happen today.

Say the names of the days of the week.

Does Terrence have a chance?

"Who is younger, Hanako or Taro?" "Taro is."

There's a lot to see and do in Boston.

The stew smells delicious.

I'm offering you a choice.

The earth goes around the sun.

We've closed the suitcase.

Don't open the door till the train stops.

Can I get another one?

No, he will not.

It's already seven.

Is it really such a big deal?

We know the fact that she was born in Canada.

Did you know that Aimee was using cocaine?


Margot told me just the opposite.

The enemy destroyed many of our ships.

He knows how to bind books.


Since it'll be hot tomorrow, we'll go swimming.


You're using me in your art like this without consulting me?


Jones kicked off his season with a 6 catch

We were all present at the party.

Would you like that for here or to go?

I no longer want to hurt anyone.

Don't eat without me.


How do you want them?

Cristopher asked me this morning if I wanted to go jogging with him.

They've stopped firing.

Carolyn has been waiting for ten minutes in the car.

Ken is past thirty.

In any case, you have to study hard.

It was very difficult to understand the subject of his lecture.

This candle you see here is the last one I have.

They're coming back.

Lenny is on his way to Boston.

She advised him where to stay.


I wanted to ask Omar if he'd ever consider changing jobs.


How fast were you driving?


Bert started to come in, but Jerrie stopped him.

Harold is really ambitious, isn't he?

All his injuries are external.


He has stopped smoking.

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What made you think about that?

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The sofa is wide enough for four people to sit on.

Even though Narendra knew he shouldn't, he went swimming by himself.

She is anxious to go abroad.

Both Jacobson and Kitty went to the concert.

My short-term memory is getting shorter and shorter.

What shall we do afterwards?

I like to pick roses.

Why would somebody hit him?

I may be able to answer that.

Everyone asks me what it's like to be colour-blind.

The water from the river had a color between yellow and brown.

The strange thing about money is that it can limit one's behaviour.

Would you rather come with us?


Can you get a message to them?

There is little, if any, risk in this matter.

I didn't use to like wine, but now I like it a lot.


I need to hire somebody who can speak French.

They weren't listening to music.

Will you protect me?

Do you really think I'm stupid enough to believe that?

He has a good head on his shoulders.

The next station is where you get off.

The level of the lake dropped.

He needed capital to start a new business.

I have 3 projects that I need to finish up by the weekend!

I don't speak Bosnian.

I can teach you how to worship God.

I know this isn't what you wanted.

Can you help me with my school project?


Is there anything Maurice can't do?

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Marcia is getting a teaching degree.

I'm not fighting with you.

That's all I have left.

Your name wouldn't be The Jackson, would it?

Those colours clash.

At this point in his reverie, the general was interrupted by the sound of the door opening.

While listening to the soothing music coming from the street I am drifting off to sleep in my comfy bed.

We all feel that way.

You have to study French whether you like it or not.

When did she go to Mongolia?

Do you want some sugar in your coffee?

I had no idea you were planning on going to Boston.

Apart from on rainy days, I always ride my bike to work.

I helped mom cook.

I love playing music with Naren.

How far are you going for a drive?

He is not an adult, he is sixteen years old!


It won't be a long time before she recovers from the shock.


Mickey is an intelligent young man.


You are not allowed to violate the rules.

It's high time you had your hair cut; it has grown too long.

I thought you might want to go with us.

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Kikki and John are twins.

This river is 500 miles in length.

I found that he was a kind man.

Claire drinks like a fish.

You worship money because you believe in capitalism.

Graham hasn't been able to get a hold of Jock, even though he's been trying to call her all week.

They wouldn't listen.


Cliff has trouble getting along with other students in his class.

The driver tipped his cap.

When did you get up this morning?

I hate the guy who lives next door.

Owen has some very encouraging news to report.

He is a pretty great guy.

I've been to many countries.

You have to help him.

Vanuatu is in Oceania.

Don't you want to know why I didn't do that?

Are you enthusiastic?

Dirk loaded the bags into the trunk of his car.

Cary took a picture of the blackboard with his smartphone.


Juliane won't leave Lynn with you.

He deals in grain.

I had a good time last evening.

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Skef is really overweight, isn't he?


I like your yard.

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The press always has something on the incumbent.

I think everybody knew that.

We're right behind you.

I'm inclined to agree with him.

Don't talk to the bus driver while he's driving.

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Fate shuffles the cards and we play.

You'll find domestic articles on the third floor.

The neighbor's dog is always barking.

Why should I tell the truth if you won't?

Would you like to have dinner at my place tonight?


It took Gunter a long time to get over Oleg.

You must be punished for what you did.

I own one dog and one cat.

They are arguing.

Just tell us the truth.


You shouldn't make fun of Jinny.

Help me lift this box.

It's a steal.

I don't earn enough money to buy clothes regularly.

They spoke many different languages.

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Did Marlena have dinner?

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You have to speak English.

We suddenly sighted a school of fish.

They went on an expedition to the Antarctic.

Mr Mailer is to stay here till tomorrow.

My parents don't know where I am.

I like the color of this car.

Writing new year's cards is a Japanese institution.

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You must let me in.


I want to discuss a very important matter with you.

How will they cope?

Christmas fell on Saturday that year.


Jos hasn't got a prayer.

Let them relax.

She is going to wait for her sister here.

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I need help carrying him.

I was surprised to see an old friend of mine there.

The telephone was being used at the moment.