I really miss the old days.

Brad says he wants to help you.

He has a book.

Our trip is dependent on the weather.

She deposited a large sum of money in the bank.


I don't have good luck, so I don't play pachinko or buy lottery tickets.

Can I have the list?

There's something on the hood of your car.

Just think about it.

Don't bring bad luck.


I know who got hurt.

Don't let anyone come near the fire.

He was elected captain of the team.

What was that groan for?

This was too much for me.

Spudboy won't help Jesper.

I let her catch me.

Sehyo stood up and then everybody else stood up as well.

I want to see what's at the bottom of this conspiracy of silence.


I wonder if Marnix will win.

Can I trust you to do that?

Did you put in any salt?

How do I know this isn't another one of your tricks?

She is yet to know the truth.


Sometimes, I think not all humans are sentient beings.

We saw his flock of geese.

Why's Kristi so angry?

I haven't read it yet.

You can certainly swim in the lake, but there is no sense in doing so.

She spoke scarcely a word of English.

My friend wants to dye her hair pink.

Who knows so far?

His answers were caustic.


Your earrings are gorgeous.


He asked me whether I like math.

Were you organized?

Seenu actually did it.

Can you establish his innocence?

The motorcade made its way down Park Street.

It isn't polite to stare at people.

He stood by the entrance.

We understood that you have eaten a lot.

You have to come with me right away.

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Do you want to play tennis with me this afternoon?

There's no job without benefit.

I'll call you when I arrive home!

It looks like Billy decided to stay.

I've just learned a new song in a foreign language.


It's so easy to write good example sentences, that even if we accidentally delete a few good sentences in the process of getting rid of a whole lot of bad ones, I think we could drastically improve the quality of this corpus by doing a lot of deleting.

Did Mara ask you why you did that?

I'm sick of it.

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What is the population of India?

You don't need to be in such a hurry.

I can't play the electric guitar.

Why did you stay with him?

They're the right ones.

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That was delicious.

Australians are, on the whole, pleased with the stabilizing benefits of their political system.

I am Francesco.

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He could not credit her story.

I want to see it for myself.

He went abroad, never to return.

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Major and Syed appear surprised.


In algebra a monomorphism is an injective homomorphism.


Cardboard is well suited for making model houses.

As a matter of fact, I think he's a nice guy.

Some people have told me that I look Japanese.

Benefits of course should exceed the costs.

Nothing's going to go wrong.

Who's your favorite female rapper?

In point of fact, she had nothing to do with the scandal.

How many eggs did mammy buy?

Coleen knows the answer.

I understand how you are feeling.

How could we have been so wrong?

This is the first time I've ever got across this river.

There has to be something that you can do.


Don't leave the windows open.

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What can be keeping him?

He is about to leave for London.

There live in this world people of all sorts of colors and manners and customs.

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Loyd says he still has no idea where Sylvan is.

Pilar sat on the porch having a coffee and a cigarette and watched the world go by.

Does anybody here trust her?


I hardly ever remember my dreams.


The spirits muddled my brain.

I'd be happy to give you a ride.

Cyrus and Keith hugged tightly.


He's a very fine musician.


"I'll bring my dog along, so you can meet him." "What?! Don't you dare bring that animal here!"

The plan was an utter disaster.

She's eating for two.


Can we talk about something else please?

I just got over a severe illness.

Will this ever end?

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I don't like her, because she always puts on airs.

I can't figure out what the child is crying about.

I don't know where he is!

No, I don't understand you.

I would rather die than live in dishonor.


Can I talk to her?

Our teacher favors only the girl students.

Do you have anything else to order?


I just got a promotion.

There's no other choice.

She's your regular workaholic.

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Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?


I'd like more detailed information.

That's really weird.

Loukas is quite good at cooking.

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She likes the light green bra.


He's making his children sick with his cigarette smoking.


Keep your nose clean.

As a child, he went to Paris three times.

A philosopher is a man who can solve all problems, except for his own.

She denied any involvement in the murder.

We dated on a semi regular basis until she moved to Australia.

A fine dress helps to impress, intelligence makes steady friends.

I'm sure I'll get over it soon.

Cheer him up when you see him.

Lindsay looked down at what was in his hand.


What did you say to him?

I would be more than willing to do that.

Steen has haunting green eyes.


We're waiting for Cole to finish doing what we asked him to do.


The department store was crammed with holiday shoppers.

Urs owns a plantation.

Mike is painting.

How amazing that your mother speaks six languages!

She stared me down with anger.

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Toft begged his father to buy him a new bicycle.

Casey has a clock just like the one Delbert has.

I promise you I won't do anything to harm you.

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One day I went to see her and told her that she should tell everything to her husband.

Martyn won't give up so easily.

Kaishuu made nothing of hardship.

I looked around for her.

Why would anyone do that?

We should avoid scaremongering.

It was in a restaurant that I ate dinner last Friday with my girlfriend.

Leave out this word.

Are you working on anything interesting?

The prisoner who escaped two days ago is still at large.

Martyn looked at a snowflake through his microscope.


In making a decision, I rely not on logic but on instinct.

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Are you going to cooperate?


It'll just take a minute.

You've got to be ready for anything.

I would like to know them too.

This one's for me.

I got scared.

I had to trust him.

I dislike cold weather.

I was disappointed by your article.


Juri didn't press Isidore for an explanation.

Get to class.

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The next flight is at 10:00.

She wanted to say something to him, but didn't know what to say.

Kay needs to do better the next time.