We organized our CDs by artist.

Does Marika want to go back to Japan?

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That's Rio de Janeiro!


I want to see a Japanese movie.


Will I be the only one going to the party?

Jean-Pierre doesn't look nervous.

Don't rush yourself.


Will you accompany me to collect my brain?

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You were the first girl I ever kissed.

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Mott died doing what he loved.


Wilson tried to make sense of what just happened.

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I believe the actions that he took were right.

Dammit! That was our only way out!

My reality view is drastically different from yours.

She plans to write a letter after school.

It was pretty shocking.

She is sick.

Vice couldn't find a job he liked in Boston, so he moved to Chicago.

Lorraine might understand French.

I thought we'd have breakfast together.

All the evidence points to his guilt.

You left me in despair.

I hope this makes it through baggage inspection.

He struck the wall with his fist.

Let's give Alex some more time.

Are you willing to help them?

They wouldn't believe me.

This story might sound unbelievable but it is true.

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I was impressed with his piloting skills.

Lanny told the children that they could stay in this room as long as they didn't make any noise.

Install Linux!

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Noemi is here now.


Let me talk to Moses alone, OK?

"Do the kids get in line in a specific order?" - "Yes, by age please."

We all trust you.

Please book me a room in a first-class hotel.

I've been trying to live up to my father's expectations.

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I have to run away.


Arnold knew that he'd be busy on Monday.

Beautiful flowers don't always produce good fruits.

She's lazy.


In America a crude expression for "The device has failed" is "It shit the bed."

He works in a foundry.

Go over it again.


Teruyuki and Max went on a safari and saw many animals, such as lions, giraffes, zebras, and hippopotamuses.

Go without me!

You need to give this to Sally personally.

She wore a sad expression.

I'd like to go on a picnic with her.


The facts will be known in due time.

Why don't we help Blayne?

That's as good a reason as any.


Dan didn't miss any episode of that soap opera.


The driver couldn't have stopped at the signal.

Laura went through all the files in the drawer.

We had words again last night.

Do you want a banana?

She lost one of her flesh and blood.

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He doesn't have the ticket.

Can you promise me that?

Pratt has been hospitalized.

To adopt a sentence, click on the white person icon.

You didn't hear me say that he's a saint.


I don't understand this at all.

I hesitate to ask Boyd to help.

Let's stop doing this.

Lee tore open the envelope.

She's not human.

The horse, the lion, the dog and the sheep are animals.

Leigh says he needs to ask Victor who's coming with us on the picnic.

Several thousand people became victims of this disease.

Why does this happen?

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Things are starting to get interesting.

I had to know the truth.

Rogue finally said something.

To see him talk, you might think he's a girl.

Not my problem.

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Lucius was afraid of Dori.

Put your wig back on.

What he said counts for nothing.

Oh, Erik, you look terrific!

Why did you and Jitendra break up?

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The top cover of a gasoline tank is foating when they are filling.

Don't take your eyes off Morgan.

A good deed lightens a dark world.

I don't feel like dealing with Harry right now.

Let me tell you about the case.

I'll have something for you soon.

Statesmen should take account of public opinion.

She has scorn for me.

How did you come by all this money?

I highly recommend them.

Could you tell us what you saw?

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This used to be a parking lot.


She became infatuated with a German soccer player.

You want to go to the ocean.

I expected something like this might happen.

His sexist slur was broadcasted across the country.

You drank alcohol again? I told you not to!


I just want tonight to be special.

This is my baby.

Clarence is talkative, isn't he?

I was fortunate to see that.

They were a bit embarrassed.

It's an established fact.

Aren't you a little cold?


You have only to push the button.

He was cut down in his prime.

I waited for my friend for an hour.

The police are now investigating the cause of the accident.

Turn to the right, and you'll find my office.

Eat more fresh vegetables.

Nobody called her.

I knew I should've stayed in Boston.

What can we do to help Jesse?

Evelyn's smarter than Sedat.

Tell him what you mean.

Arnold was almost hit by a car.

You seem very nervous.

Juan sent a telegram to Pravin.

I prefer spring to autumn.


Bobby's birthday is today.

Pia didn't want the job.

Sergio showers every morning before breakfast.

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Can I call you tomorrow?

Moran is quite happy.

Put the money in the bank.

Always look on the bright side of life.

I don't deserve this and you know it.

We have a cat. We are all fond of the cat.

Tell her what you heard.


We know it's important to you.

Could I have half a kilo of chicken thighs, please?

I took what she said literally.


The washer doesn't fit through the door.

They cannot have done such a thing.

That's it! I've had it.

This house is quite small.

We haven't done that yet.

Let's have a chat.

I can't read the title of the book at the bottom of the stack from this far away.


Cathy's parents are divorced, right?

I think perhaps I can help Justin.

I heard a siren in the distance.

Don't try to bullshit me.

She tore the letter into pieces.


I'm sure it can be done.

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We looked away from them.

Dwarf tossing is not an olympic sport.

I halved the money with my pal.

Maurice doesn't remember Cary.

Tell her that I am in a taxi.

My uncle died of cancer of the stomach yesterday.

They laughed away my worries.

Open the safe.

The landlord used to be quite well off.


Could I have some more coffee?

I have a decision to make.

I'll certainly talk to her.


He corrected it.


This isn't my umbrella; it's somebody else's.


Go pick him up.