Janice will go to Boston tomorrow.

What art thou that hast come to glorious Thebes?

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We'll continue the discussion later.

Barrio flipped through the channels.

Rosa has been a secretary for many years.

What's your favorite activity?

This watch is meant for you.


What should we do with Rajarshi?

It would be awesome to have a script which looks for sentences, searches for translations, and concatenates the audio files.

Christopher was wearing a black turtleneck.


You hate me, don't you?

Aristotle believed that the whole world was made of four elements: earth, air, fire, and water.

Would someone kindly link sentence No. 1 to sentence No. 2?

Children have problems that their parents don't understand.

Whom we love best to them we can say least.

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It seems rather expensive to me.

I'm not in favor of such a plan.

I have a gift for Stacey.

Don't you want to visit Shaw and Surya?

Tharen gave Barbara a lift home.


I eat sauerkraut every morning.

He explained to my son why it rains.

What are your top ten favorite movies?


What've you been doing recently?


When you speak fast, I can understand.

I'll deal with them.

He deserves to know the truth.

The minister refused to give an interview to the reporters.

We're still not allowed to see it.

Everyone can make a difference in the world.

He's contemplating the complexity of contemporary life.

I think he is the greatest artist of the time.

Did you see the lunar eclipse yesterday?

I hope Ranjit will be at the party.

Lynn ran his hand through his hair.

He likes green the best.

I hope you get shot by a stray bullet.

You're a good partner.

He keeps his griefs, sorrows, ambitions and most of his real opinions to himself.

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I will have him repair this watch.

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The matter is closed.

Maybe you should have a talk with Farouk.

There is an acute shortage of water.

I question the sincerity of Sergio's speech.

People are living in all parts of the world.

Masanobu has offered no suggestions.

She heard Neville.

The store sells foodstuffs, such as butter, cheese, and sugar.

I want to know what we're here for.

I'm not quite sure who we should hire.

You should have come home before.

I wished I could express myself safe, clear, friendly and appropriate to the situation.

I'm too poor to buy a new suit.

The oceans are not in good health.

You have until Monday.

She wants someone who pays attention to her.

Shouldn't we be friends?

I can't understand why.

That house is really better than this house.

Rolf is an old boyfriend of Andries's.

Could you knock down the price if I buy two?

He became bad-tempered, continually criticized his wife's cooking and complained of a pain in his stomach.

She's a knockout.

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I wasn't quite sure how to respond.


Suwandi preferred to shop in person.

This is the town I told you about.

All of us, except him, went.


She held the kitten like a mother gorilla would hold her own baby.

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Paul's sitting in front of Jack.

It'll be cool.

I'll make them do it.

The creaking of the masts; the straining and groaning of bulkheads, as the ship labored in the weltering sea, were frightful.

The baby is sleeping.

Gregge is extremely handsome and he knows it.

Hang your coat on the hook.

I'm not sure I agree with them.

Do you think we shouldn't have told Marsh about this?

Her question is very hard to answer.

The assessment of communist countries is positive overall.


Shirley had to make do with a glass of water with his food because he had no beer at home.

I assure you Rainer will be perfectly safe.

One can say that Justin is a professional criminal.

Everyone is against me.

Creating creativity itself is improving creativity.

Earl and I don't always agree.

It's a bargain.

Most people won't notice that.

Anderson died three years later.

I never realized Everett was interested in French.

Today's Kit's birthday.

Participants under the age of 16 require a parent's consent.

The prices are ridiculously low.

I remember the horror I felt when she screamed.

You and I are the same age.

Hirotoshi never fooled me.

I hate your guts.


It's not only me, it's the most.

I loved it in Boston.

Kazuhiro jumped back.


You said such horrible things to me.


If only I could be like her.

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Once I had the chance to visit Paris.

I can't just let him kill me.

My wish is to know the meaning of life.


I have dinner between seven and eight.

Sometimes I wish I was hard of hearing, so I wouldn't have to always suffer through the nerve-wracking grocery store music while searching for the right kind of potatoes.

Marble floors are beautiful.

Talk louder so that I may hear you.

If you've got time to play around on an acoustic guitar, practice your bass!

Don't let him say anything.

Honzo will likely be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.

Syed is working at this company now, isn't he?

I go to any party I am invited to.


I thought you'd want to take a look.

You're not telling me anything I haven't already heard.

Please don't speak to me.

They acclaimed him as their leader.

I can't study anywhere in my house. It's too noisy.

Probably, the prime minister means 'politics based on religious values.'

I'm watching this.

I didn't mean to tempt you.

A solution must be found.

Sehyo packed everything in a small suitcase.

Is there electricity in your house?

Shakespeare is one of the greatest poets.

Let's see what Elvis has to say.

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Isn't that what you're here to tell us?

Yumi's hobby is singing popular songs.

I haven't been much of a friend, have I?


Women aren't exactly throwing themselves at me.

Thomas hurried away so as to be in time for the train.

I was hoping to surprise her.

All roads lead to Elsinore.

Charleen gave me his key when I asked for it.

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"I am not going into the forest after bear cubs," said the elder brother.

Aimee asked me if I would mind helping him.

I knew Pete was studying.

Miek had nothing to read.

Are you still working as a waiter?

They want peace.

What do you think Leith did?

They said they're exhausted.

Food is running out.

Ask your parents for permission.

Can I bother you for something?

There's no one else left.

This is what Andy feared.

No one's told me anything.

A snack will stay your hunger.

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I'm really glad you decided to come to our party instead of staying at home.


She doesn't care for sushi.

Is it anything serious?

You have to account for your failure.

I don't know how he got my phone number.

Somebody wants to kill me.

He's my best friend. It's like we are brothers.

Hans can't just quit.

At night all cats are grey.

Philip has a huge crush on June, but she's too shy to talk to him.

I'm glad for this opportunity to work with you.

She was carrying a basket full of flowers.


I knew you were the person to ask.

Is eating with chopsticks difficult?

It has often been said that facts are to the scientist what words are to the poet.


He understands her problems more or less.


He tried to comfort her, but she kept crying.


Nobody knows where he has gone.

Flesh gives birth to flesh, Spirit gives birth to Spirit.

It'll be winter before long.

The first step is very difficult.

And this is a beach.