Anderson has visited Boston three times.

Skeeter hid the book behind his back.

Theodore is a high school teacher.

You lost count, didn't you?

How did you get there?

The door was opened.

Don't listen to Caleb.

I need some summer clothes.

Bjorne has a strange sense of humor.

Are you going to dance with me?

It is very important for us to love a river.

Whichever you take, you will like it.


We came here to build a new town.


Surya shot at me.

She dared to ask for the results of the exams.

A balloon was floating in the air.

They talk all the time.

Sanjeev would like to buy a house in Boston.

He is one of Spain's most famous authors.

I didn't steal it.

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What is the Turkish equivalent of meditation?

I hear they pay pretty well.

A sigh fell from her lips.

They held each other by the hand, kissed the roses, and looked up into the blue sky, talking away all the time.

Everybody blows it once in a while. It's better not to obsess on it.

Anna announced the agreement Monday.

We are studying Spanish.

I don't feel like talking to anyone right now.

We couldn't allow any interruptions.


You know I hate it.

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Seenu won't tell me what I'm supposed to do.

Someone who scares easily shouldn't practice my profession.

Can I borrow your toy?

He who risks nothing, gains nothing.

Today, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of genocide struggle for recognition of the massacres, seeking justice for past crimes on behalf of family members who were brutally murdered.


Our mayor is a good and wise man.


We have time to spare.

I work for a stock company.

Please refrain from excessive drinking.

He earns his bread by writing.

When were Jews first sent to the concentration camps?

These cookies aren't expensive, but they taste good.

How many yellow flowers are there there?


I don't watch that program anymore.

Clem was outside the movie theater.

You shouldn't have shown Jean-Pierre the pictures.

This city is west of London.

Spock had to sell his car.

That will not make even carfare.

Nearly all Japanese have dark hair.


Celeste woke up a little before noon.

I now live in Boston in the US, but I plan to go back to Japan before the end of the year.

I remembered you immediately.


One of her cars is blue and the others are red.

Let me know if you find anything.

Who was the greatest philosopher that ever lived?


I am all but ready.

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Tell me a little about her.

Will it blend?

He has a credit of $3000 at his bank.

I should've said no.

The drama was presented last month.

It's already November, but it hasn't snowed yet.

They held a party in honor of the famous scientist.

My nose runs whenever I have a cold.

There are a lot of big changes coming soon.

You live in my heart.

She was relieved from insomnia.


I'll have to let you know.


She didn't try to translate the letter.

I've come here before.

The hotel burned down.

I need her to vouch for me.

They're all children.


I'll never stop.


I spent a lot of time with them.

Yes, it's true. And you?

Glen unlocked the cage.

We have an important job to do here.

Let's get Jerry something useful for Christmas.


I've never seen this place so empty.

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You're a nervous wreck.


There's hella empty seats over there.

I don't know if that will be enough money for me.

He is swaggering.

I've just arrived at the top of a mountain. That's really surprising, because according to my map, there should be a lake here.

Len wished that he could play the guitar.

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If it were not for air and water, nothing could live.

Vincent helped the old lady onto the bus with her shopping bag.

During the morning of March 20, 2015, a total solar eclipse will be visible from the Faroe Islands, located northwest of Scotland, and the Svalbard Islands, located east of Greenland.

Do you want to go to the concert with me?

I would never lend Hubert any money.

Roy picked up a paintbrush and started helping Bret paint the fence.

She is looking for a large apartment.


We live far from the airport.

I'm not heating your house.

How could you let something like that happen?


How about we hang out together on the weekend? What do you say?

Let's put up the tent while it is still light.

Please don't forget to send out the letters.

If I had taken that plane, I would be dead now.

Mrs. Smith gave birth to her second child.


I still can't reach them.

How come your Spanish is that good?

I am satisfied with my job.


Avery didn't say anything about why he was late.

The company presented him with a gold watch on the day he retired.

Klaus and I are childhood friends.

He must be over fifty.

As wisdom grows, and so does pain.

Can you do this?

No one can get near the boss.

This book is not as easy as that one.

The successor to the throne was killed.

He is not coming, apparently.

Tell Liyuan to stop following me around.

I can't take that risk.

How many calories have you had today?

Do you sell alarm clocks?

I've never seen Roland smile.

I told them I could handle it.

I had plenty of time.


Was I about to die?

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You should not drink a lot of liquid.


Don't feed wild animals.

You're going to tell us everything.

Oh, so that's what that is!


Thanks for trying to help.

The monkey, having thrown coconuts at all of the animals as a means of amusement, could not understand why he was suddenly being chased out of the jungle.

We accepted his invitation.

Abraham Lincoln's father was a carpenter by trade.

There was much activity around the plane.

Tai probably didn't notice that.

Welcome to the United States of America.

The opera singer has a beautiful voice.

Nobody talked about my country.

That is sure.

There are a lot of stars larger than our own Sun.


Let him sleep.

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It wasn't always easy for Edison to invent new things.

Many consumers are concerned about the health risks of genetically modified food.

I thought you and Margie were going to go to Boston.


Srivatsan is not my sister.

I said such horrible things to him. I feel so awful.

Erwin is feeling claustrophobic.

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I answer for it.

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I feel the same.

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I don't know what Joachim does.


Have you ever heard her talk?

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Morton eats breakfast every morning.

Amedeo must be psychic.

We will take these matters up one by one.


Where are you now?

What you do in your own time is none of my business.

I answered, "Yes, I want it."


Please come back to me.

Is it enough?

We need leaders.

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Martha has decided to go to Boston.

I have a paper tumbler.

Rayan spent a year in Japan.