There are no further details.

Tomorrow let's go to the morning bazaar.

A stench emanated from the rotting corpses.

The Angkar regulated every moment of our lives.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

It took me a long time to find a job I like.

The President is to speak on television this evening.


That's not helpful.

Her face was all puffed up.

Raanan left very early this morning.

Guy has a bald spot.

You have to go often for maches.

You wanted this to happen, didn't you?

I think you should take a look.

He won a sizeable amount of money.

My father loves my mother.

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The ice was thick enough for me to walk on.


I thought maybe you could help me.


Sorrel loves architecture.


Any book will be okay as long as it is interesting.

I heard her screaming.

She unlocked the car door by means of a hairpin.

I don't think I'm uninteresting.

I understand that would be difficult.

A good Jack makes a good Jill.

I had some cash stashed away.

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He believes in the supernatural.

Please attend my birthday party.

The post office is the brown building.


Not choosing is choosing already.

Pompeii is crumbling.

My father is out.

She helped me pack my suitcase.

Space isn't a team player.


Will you keep playing all night long?

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Jason started to climb the ladder.


That's the last thing I want.

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Maybe that wouldn't be appropriate. You see, I don't work here.

The program admits of some improvement.

Knute shouldn't have spent so much money.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

"Where's your mom, Pia?" "She's out shopping with my sis."

Native Chinese people are working alongside foreigners to change the culture of Shanghai.

She's very afraid of dogs.


Amanda hasn't worked in three months.

Nguyen was the one who told me.

Ofer hasn't been on speaking terms with Jane for years.

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This is a sentence that I don't know how to translate.

We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.

I didn't buy anything at the duty-free shops.

The thing does not interest me in the least.

I need you to talk to us.

Anything will help.

Vadim banged the table with his fist.

Donovan told me that he spoke French.

Do you think I want this?


I have no other friend than you.


Don't let me die.

How much did you bet her?

I want Dean to sign this.

He raged like a wild beast.

She came close to falling off the platform.

Do you have a bowl for soup?

I was hoping you'd know.


Joe looks satisfied.

Save energy, be positive!

It's too old.


I needed to justify why I was earning such a large salary.

I'm home, Felix.

You may not be right.

You're part of my life.

We are not the ones to blame for the accident.


I heard her speaking English as fluently as a citizen of the USA.

Hunger is the best sauce.

This is where Anatole works.

We decided by vote.

Whose place is this?

At first he had difficulty telling one student from another.

This cake doesn't really live up to its reputation.

He may be the slowest one in our class.

She was radiant with love.


When you cause problems with the wrong people, those problems will come pay you back, or come back to haunt you.

I'll get off at the next station.

I think we're going to need more umbrellas.

She often wears corduroys.

Why did Kissinger flee Paris and make himself a fugitive from the French law?


I asked Lawrence some questions about his childhood.

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I'm excited and ready to go.

I thought Nici was in prison.

Linda will have to go there.

There's a cab outside waiting.

Watch out for your tongue.

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I'll find what I need myself.

He seems to have a fat purse.

Mara is being held prisoner.

Spock was the one who taught me how to water ski.

Please let me have an hour to think about it.

I have not eaten anything in six days.

I don't want to say that to my friend.

Sanand finally called me yesterday.

Her car struck against the gatepost through her carelessness.

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I have a personal matter to take care of.

I think Kanthan is going to propose to me.

Israel has a heart condition.

Your hypothesis is correct.

It was a great debate.

Rolfe doesn't own a house.

How many people survived?

How could that be important?

Emma asked Joachim to clean his office.

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I cannot concentrate at all.

Let's have a drink first.

I was told not to sit in that chair.

Don't go through the lobby.

Since the sun had set, we all headed home.


Please drop in when it is convenient for you.

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Practice is better than theory.

You must be absolutely quiet.

A brawl broke out between Dan and a co-worker.

That'll give us the focus we need.

What's the idea?

We were all very touched.

I can't explain those disappearances, but it wasn't me.

Please give me a chance to explain.

What's the job?

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I just didn't believe Wilson.


I bet Roxana doesn't remember me.

I think Syun needs a vacation.

And then, it took them far from home.

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We didn't want to upset him.

This is very difficult for him.

It is thought that the lower speed reduces heat generation.

The bus was so crowded that I was kept standing all the way to the station.

Tahsin picked up the newspaper and read the headlines.

Have you ever tried to quit smoking?

When they got close, they fired their guns.


If you lie, your tongue will get halved!

Only a handful of men want to take childcare leave.

Vincent and I were in Boston last month.


Bob doesn't look very comfortable.

I want to sign the contracts.

The old man is wise and knows many things about life.


Barbra left the front door open.

Do you always wear green on St. Patrick's Day?

Don't meddle in a quarrel between a husband and his wife.

Come and see me any time you like.

He assumed that the train would be on time.

We'll do everything we can to help you.

We all got distracted.

The novel takes place in Victorian England.

You're in the countryside.

Hurry up and go to bed.

They're on commercials.

If I had a choice, I'd go home now.

My mother has never talked to your father before.

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I want to go and see Kaj.

Let's wait a while.

You're incredibly cute.

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You wanna do what you wanna do.

Lindsey folded his arms.

I worked just as hard as Spyros did.

His behavior did not correspond with his words.

What is wrong with him?

Masao won't come here, will he?

We don't know how to help Jonathan.