Live Expert Anywhere
100% browser-based video chat.
No software download needed.
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Live Expert Mobility
Video chat service & support.
Customized UI and workflow.
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Live Expert Station
Video kiosk customer service.
Efficient virtual staffing.
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Live Expert is the most comprehensive video-based customer service system for B2B, B2C, healthcare, and transaction management services.

Face-to-face video service increases customer conversion, transaction value, and engagement.  But you need a video system that is more than just video conferencing, one that:

  • Instantly connects each customer with the right advisor based on expertise, language or location.
  • Provides co-browsing, screen sharing, document sharing, and transaction processing, even electronic photo ID verification.
  • Works across all digital channel – web, mobile, kiosk.
HertzCustomer Highlight


Hertz operates ExpressRent kiosks using Live Expert’s Station module at hundreds of airport, off airport and retail locations. With Live Expert, Hertz can expand its points of presence without adding onsite staff or making significant investments in rental offices. Using Live Expert Stations, remote agents can serve any location on demand to speed customers through the rental process, reduce wait times, and increase upgrades and add-on sales. Hertz also uses Live Expert’s Anywhere module to provide online video chat services for member enrollment for it 24/7 program.

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Philadelphia DigicontactCustomer Highlight


Philadelphia, a large Dutch healthcare organization that serves thousands of handicapped clients in The Netherlands, provides telehealth services using Live Expert’s Anywhere and Mobility modules. In the past, Philadelphia provided these services through weekly scheduled visits to each client’s home. Using Live Expert, Philadelphia now makes its services available whenever clients need them, speaks with clients more frequently, and has achieved improved quality of care while reducing the cost of operations from fewer home visits.

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