Above: Pompeii and Vesuvius. Two of my most favorite subjects.

Steve Jenness, Photography and Commentary

This website is a selection my personal photos taken over more years than I want to admit to. Some are more artistic than others while others were selected for content rather than art. The sections will be listed by country, city or place. Each section will have at least two pages while others will have several.

This site is a work in progress. I have completed the Berlin section for now. I have started Egypt and Troy. There are currently five pages for Egypt and two Troy. Most locations that require scanning from slides will be shorter because of the time factor. Sections related to Italy will be the largest because Italy has been like a second home and so much recent photography is also digital. I will continue to add sections and pages as time permits.


Call this the author's photo, or whatever. It seems like most photography related websites have an obligatory picture of the photographer. Well, this is it. Taken at Dougga, Tunisia.

As is to be expected, all photography is copyrighted.