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Bienvenue/Welcome To Boucherville Hanté!

Welcome to Boucherville Hanté! Just like you, we are avid lovers of all things Halloween. This website is our way of sharing our favorite time of year with you - the Halloween lover! We started this site as a way to promote the anual decorating we do to our home and to document the ever-changing growth of our haunt.
What began as a simple bit of decorating has grown dramatically over the years, and now we're able to offer a larger and far more exciting Home-Haunt for local children and their families.
If you'd like to visit and check out the Haunt, you can drop by anytime between October 10th and November 1st! An exciting Fenced-Graveyard consisting of Lord Grimmy - The Graveyard Guard and Harvester of Souls watches the main gate with gazing eyes. The twin witches, Annie and Alice, otherwise known as "The Twitches" stir their culdrons as they cackle and speak to you! Frank N. Stein, a local Zombie who showed up one Halloween and hasn't left since watches you as you approach. He's a friendly fellow and loves seeing new faces! Don't get too close though - If Frank gets a wiff of your flesh he made become hungry!

How-To Haunt Ideas

Simple and Inexpensive Haunt Ideas With Step-By-Step Plans!


Realistic Cemetary Fence

Learn how to make this eerie cemetary fence.

Material Cost : $ 60.00


(602) 977-3249

(734) 284-8994

Realistic Stone Pillars

Learn how to make these realistic looking stone pillars.

Material Cost : $ 40.00




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Price : $ 199



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