I'll be very discreet.

It really is your fault.

I have not seen him since.


Francis Crick was one of the discoverers of DNA's structure.

She ruined my life.

I have a new hamster and I've named him Dan.

Shall we watch the movie now?

We've got three major problems we need to solve.

There's only one way out of here.

They're always fighting among themselves.

He turned off all the lights at eleven.

You mustn't tell that to your parents.

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Martin uses cannabis for medical reasons.

He hurried past me without stopping to speak.

I hate you!


Will you come with me?

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I think Van is sane.

What's the fuck ? It's precisely what the fuck is !

I loved it in Boston.


Will it be any trouble for you to work tonight?


Our food supplies will last till April.

Switzerland is a beautiful country worth visiting.

Not to ask is not to be denied.


I sent one.


Barrett doesn't have to say anything.

It's 10 a.m.

I splashed my face with water.

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Do you need a visa to go to Australia if you have a British passport?

Sugih Jackson has set a new world record.

Duke began to beat Glenn.

Generally speaking, Japanese cars are popular overseas.

This is a picture of Amir's family.


Funny how? Funny ha-ha or funny odd?

That's a mistake.

We might have something else.

Pierce is a really nice girl.

I ran into my professor at a restaurant last night.

I saw a little girl who was sweet and happy.

I need your signature here.

Sorrel wanted to expand his business.

I could've done much better if I'd tried.

It's dangerous for a beginner to swim here.

"Oh, I see you don't know what Poop is!" "Hmm... Poop is jokes about 'you sat on the stump and owed me a grand', right?"


The show is on Wednesday.

Dorothy showed us a picture of Naoto.

I found him kind.

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I don't think Ric is the one who needs help.


I'm going to take you to Tran.

We're trying to find ourselves something decent to eat.

We have a bit of a situation here.


Someone has to pay for this.

Did I give you that impression?

I apologize for the mistake.

Are those people crazy?

He succumbed to authority.

Are you worried?

I approve your project.

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My mother wrapped the sandwiches in paper.

Lana and Glen aren't particularly close.

This bottle holds one liter.

I worked with Mr Spencer for a year in New York.

My grandmother pulled out a handful of green beans, poured them into an ancient pan, toasted them patiently, ground them in a wooden hand mill with a copper handle, carefully squeezed the result into an old-fashioned Hungarian espresso maker, put it on a tray, and two hours later, it was coffee.

Let them come.

Judy is a very intelligent student.

It's not because I don't want you to laugh at me, it's because I'd like rather to laugh at you.

Will I have to give a lecture?

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Sickness kept me from attending the party.

I get off of work at 5:30.

It's said that the Vikings discovered America before Columbus did.

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Sangiovese is a wine.

I know the solution.

I can't leave him here.

I only did it for the money.

Why are you still wearing your uniform?


The bell had already rung when I got to school.

I thought we'd managed to do it right.

Sanjib didn't waste much time.

She hung the picture upside down.

We made an attempt to climb up a tree.


I want to make sure Pam is OK.

We need to find out what's wrong with Troy.

I think we should talk to Alison.

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In order to get to know a person, one merely needs to travel with them for a week.

I brought you a present.

Maria read the entire operation manual of 321 pages without stopping.

Go now before it's too late.

I think that she has magic powers. If you see her, you'd do anything for her.


We have a problem.

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How many pairs of pliers do you have?

I had a son who died in the war.

Fiber-optic cables are made up of tiny glass fibers which are as thin as human hairs.

What time will you be home?

I don't know where everyone is.

Did you drink this orange juice?

The student submitted a paper to an English-language journal, and the result was "conditional acceptance".

He made heaps of money by ripping off naive suckers.

Why are you waiting?

There can be no people who have gone through as many hardships this century as the Jews.

But you know, it would be sad to collect all these sentences, and keep them for ourselves. Because there's so much you can do with them. Which is why Tatoeba is open. Our source code is open. Our data is open.

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What does Blaine want to be when he grows up?

It could possibly become a big problem.

They interrupted the meeting for lunch.

Donna met Eddy for lunch.

I love you, there's just no spark.


The two sides must reach an agreement in principle by the end of June.

Melanie works as a journalist.

Official business is never urgent.


I love speaking Spanish.

Let's return to the hotel.

I just wanted to keep things simple.

You wouldn't happen to know of an affordable hotel nearby?

I have a persistent cough.

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The water came up to his waist.

I was in the middle of my holiday.

Luc doesn't sound very optimistic.

"Let's get married when we're older!" "Yeah!"

As far as I could make out, he was experimenting with new methods.


Do you believe in UFOs?

I don't know what you're referring to.

One of the guests told me that they saw you kissing Woody.

Returned the money to Maria.

What did you think had happened?

Small crows have the largest beaks.

This house is far too small.


We'll talk to Stevan then make up our minds.

What's the idea behind that?

Its massive gravity well tugs many asteroids from the outer belt inwards.

I think you should do it.

Edward had a rough time last year.

Would you please page Allen Jackson?

Tommy and Mah didn't get along very well.

"Remember me?" "No." "Well, well. I'm surprised you don't recognise me!" "Are we supposed to?"

I'm going to hit the gym.

We can handle that.

He always yells at me when he is angry.

Mr. Smith lives in Kyoto now.

I don't want to take a walk now.

Why can't people just try to get along with each other?

I'm glad you didn't call them.

The coat doesn't have any pockets.

How is it possible that a being with such sensitive jewels as the eyes, such enchanted musical instruments as the ears, and such fabulous arabesque of nerves as the brain can experience itself anything less than a god?

We'd never do anything to hurt you.

She was dressed after the fashion of an actress.

He doesn't show any sign of life.

I feel the same way about Cris.

These are very fragile.

You might think I'm too old for you, but I don't think you're too young for me.

Don't judge a man by his appearance.

Kyu looks pretty sick.

She had a sullen look on her face.

I think Leon is OK.


Milo is ready to go.

I saw her leaving the room.

Jocelyn Bell was born in 1943 in Northern Ireland. Her father was an architect who loved to read. Jocelyn would often borrow her father's books. Through her reading, Jocelyn became interested in astronomy.

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I swam toward the shore.


Do you mind if I go?

The ostrich has wings, but it cannot fly.

An automobile ran over him.

She gazed with wide eyes.

Why do people not always tell the truth?

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Robert was misbehaving.

We have a bit more work to do.

The plane took off easily.


He wants me to help him.

The professor rejected me for personal reasons!

Is Jock living in Boston?