We used to work for them.

Orville gave Gilles a big kiss.

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When I get home, someone will be cleaning the garage.

Fear drives him, he plucks up courage and throws himself into the roaring waves; his powerful arms cut through the flow, and his God feels pity.

I don't want to stop working.

I'll believe it when it happens.

I felt very uneasy.

Your problem is you believe everything Anita says.

He wears a wool sweater.

The bridal bouquet was made of roses and tulips.

I hear him falling.


Are you sure you didn't hear anything?

They went to the mountains, but the weather wasn't nice.

He asked Lincoln to say a few words.

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Les decided to run for class president.

He suffers from a chronically exaggerated opinion of himself. Wherever he goes, he thinks no one can hold a candle to him.

Lucifer fell in love with Japan.

That's really all I know.

Rakhal has as much right to be here as Cris does.

Jwahar asked me if I liked basketball.

Why didn't you tell me that this woman was pregnant?

Who gave it to you?

I was beginning to worry about you.

He was born to be a technician.

Three missionaries were killed and eaten by cannibals.

The store closes at eleven.

Would you like me to open the door for you?


These shoes are too small for me to wear.

This is because their jobs are secure.

Some new railroad trains go very fast.

This riddle was hard to solve.

Jianyun seems shocked.

Open the gate.

Sergiu was a piano teacher.

The book's illustrations are very good.

Scandal could expose the lie.

I feel out of sorts today. That well water is why.

I remember getting really sick after we ate these.


Computers seem to play the role of the human brain, so they're often called "electric brains".


There's something I need to do.

He is afraid of making mistakes.

How much does a bottle of beer cost?

Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.

Rudy is a really nice guy.


They ought to have reached there by now.

She has taken everything from me.

This isn't going to fix anything.

We look forward to your feedback.

He knew he did not have much longer to live.

I don't want to tell my girlfriend that.

On TV someone with a serious look on his face is talking about the problems of our country's future.


Anthony was killed with a crowbar.

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The plane was blown up by hijackers.


Barney and I've both been very busy.

It is quite common for him to say so.

Excuse me, where are the eggs?


They could see nothing.

We're ready to leave.

The boy deserved praise for saving the child's life.


When will he go home?

He hitched the caravan to his car.

Last night I saw the match.

My mother was a dancer.

Louiqa is a bit like his father.

Do you want it or not?

I don't want you to tell this to anybody.

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It seems too good to be true.

I'll talk to Barney alone.

Jeffie and Johann walked out of the room, leaving John alone.


Go ahead and do it.

How did you get my address?

Shot, huh?

The train was delayed for one hour on account of the typhoon.

It's impossible to learn English in a month.

I can't believe all this.

Every time I travel to Paris, I go to Sacre-Coeur and sit on the steps to listen to people sing.


I will not be able to give you a lesson tomorrow.

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The widespread application of administrative guidance is considered to be a uniquely Japanese practice in which bureaucrats exert authority, without any legal backing, telling the private sector what to do and what not to do.


Duane is going to be mad at us.

How long have you and Randal been working together?

Dieter isn't going to marry you.

I have an appointment with him for five-thirty.

I can speak Esperanto like a native.

Your ideas about the government are different from mine.

My family is fine, thanks.

We should get away from here as quickly as we can.

He has a kind expression.

The problem is that he is penniless.

You can remove the NNC.


You should have said so at that time.

On my way home, I fell asleep on the train and rode past my station.

If only you were here, I could consult you about it.

I heard someone in the crowd outside the station call my name.

The matter was brought into court.

Ravindran didn't bring the matter up at the meeting this morning.

This is what I'm good at.


You should discuss this with Hans.

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This is the only possible time for doing that.

The bloody European conflict was over.

Antonio handed the photo album to Think.

No Entry!

I have bruises all over my body.

Get away from this city.

Hello, I'm Hein. What's your name?

There's a strong probability of a nuclear tragedy.

If you should fail, don't lose heart.


He narrowly escaped the disaster.

I got a flat tire on my way home.

The waiter asked me to change tables because that one was reserved.

Dori is a natural athlete.

Correlation doesn't imply causation.


Cynthia used to get up before 6:30.


Sarah and Dion have what they want.

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My family is not all that large.

I believe I fell in love!

You seem to be much more optimistic lately.

You don't want to be late for practice.

She put sheets on her bed.

It might make things easier if Toufic helped us.

I went by bus as far as London.

You used to teach, right?

I couldn't attend the party on account of illness.

How much does this sofa cost?

You've been in a coma for three years, Billy.


She started that.


Beautiful weather, isn't it?


The supermarket didn't have what I wanted.


Nothing much has changed.

I don't have much ready money.

I can't tell you more than that.

Why do you speak French so well?

I've got a message for you from Billy.

How much chance is there that that would happen?

Down went the bus over the cliff.

This is the book which I read last night.

Isn't Roger supposed to be in Boston?

Steve just wants power.

You all did well.


We felt the earth tremble.

We can't just fire him.

I have a load of work to do before I can go home.


I don't have the energy for this life anymore.


I haven't read all of her novels.


I unfolded one.

Hector is friendly.

Lynn and Griff need to take a break from one another.

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Grace didn't cry.

Vaughn drove back to the farm.

Why don't you give it a try?

Daddy was in his office, under our flat.

He will survive.

I should be fine.

You'll find some difficulty carrying out the plan.

I haven't eaten anything in six days.

I haven't heard from Kyle.


Let's put it off till next week.

In small towns, everyone knows everything about one another.

I'm your assistant.


Please put me through to Mr Brown.


Can I see this?

Sometimes I feel afraid of myself.

Sekar didn't stay in Boston very long.

The princess disguised herself as a simple shepherdess.

I believe that people tend to focus on the wrong things.