This page has been intentionally left blank.

I'd like to give it to her.

I like elephant ears best.


Kate and Alex were seated next to each other in the back seat of John's car.

The train was on time.

I can't believe that he is that depressed.


A drunk robbed me.

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I should've told her.


She doesn't want anyone else to know.


There's a leak.

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You can stay tonight with me.

Wilmer wants to get home before dark.

What do you know about it?

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Larry is trying to find out what he's supposed to be doing.

You probably don't recognize her.

He's greedy and stupid.


When was the last time you had a complete checkup?

The puppy's single good eye begs me for adoption.

I have a proposal.

I never really saw what happened.

Did someone break your heart?

She will trust you.

Columbus's Law of Discovery states: If you discovered something BEFORE Christopher Columbus, then what you discovered does not exist.

Pierette wants respect.

Maybe you should call the police.

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May I see that again?

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What are the chances that we'll have a white Christmas?

Kristian threw the phone against the wall.

Mr Suzuki is not a dentist but a physician.


It smells in here.


I'll take this to her.


You're cuter than Bert.

The glass dropped from his hand.


I failed the written test.

That's mine. Give it back.

He not only speaks English, he speaks French, too.

One of the great mysteries of life is how a cat decides what to do next.


Carolyn can't retire yet.

We don't have any other choice.

I want to stay here a couple more days.


It has been a habit of mine for many years that when I am in my home, apart from mealtimes, I hardly ever leave my desk.


I have been reading books all afternoon.

Give me your location.

I think that was very funny.

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Get rid of that stupid guitar.


Assemble all of the leaders of my army.


The situation of the villagers is better than ten years ago in many ways.


Delbert wanted to leave, but he couldn't.

I wasn't even there that night.

After a long absence, he returned home.

I'll pray for Tammy.

Somehow I thought you'd say that.

Sometimes, it's hard to tell when Kirsten is being serious.

I learn Nahuatl at my school. I'm Mexican.

I thought Holly was going to hit me.

Wasn't that what you wanted?

Her hair is turning gray.

We cried in each other's arms.

He seems to have been happy.

Dimitry has been wonderful.

She took a walk in the park.

The permafrost is thawing.


Laurent worked on the report for the better part of the day.

You're not as clever as you think.

Blair will lose weight.


Why do you take that medicine?

The pizza was fantastic.

A nod is a sign of agreement.

Sridharan has an organ donor card in his wallet.

They were complicit in those murders, and this I'll prove to you during the course of the trial.

That's very reassuring.

I don't want to grow up.

He reacted furiously.

Are you tall?

I'm on the interstate.

Don't make an enemy of Jean-Christophe.

We had some unfinished business to attend to.

Pocket calculators are as cheap to buy as a pair of socks, and as essential to thousands of British school children as a pencil and eraser.


I refuse to eat an animal that I wouldn't dare to kill myself.

This should've never happened.

We learn a good deal at school.

I need them in my life.

The fact that I survived is a tribute to the indestructibility of the human body.

There is nothing for it but to wait and see.

Let's try to get along.


It's been a pleasure.

There is no easy road to learning.

They should have bold ideas.

Why did you tell me first?

Willie will go in your place.


Sedat talks fast.

Jingbai isn't looking at Louis.

She married again in her mid-forties.

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He's just a business associate.

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The girls' chatter was endless.

You seem very tired.

The velocity of light is about 186,000 miles per second.


Do as Ricardo says.


I love this idea.

Gene didn't have to tell me this, but he did.

Did Ira tell you why?


Joanne doesn't know if he will come or not.


Barrett has had enough of Ramon's complaints.

Let me tell you why you shouldn't do that.

I need it to be my decision.

The price includes the consumption tax.

However, there are instances in history where entire peoples were successfully exterminated.

I'm telling you the whole truth.

I've got everything I need right here.

The shops were bad, but the factory was worse.

You can't win, Thad.

You should leave me alone.

His fame was at its zenith at that time.

Lonhyn'll go.

Vern isn't married.

His illness resulted from eating too much.

I think they went this way.


The pilot controls the engine power using the throttle.

I should not have said that.

Citizenship is a prerequisite for voting.


Sorry, could you repeat the question? In whole, desirably.

Michel types better than Siegurd.

I will miss this place.

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It's not a dog.

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Let's arrange for a 7:00 a.m. wake-up call.

The play was presented by a group of young actors.

Don't make such careless mistakes.


Dan tried to escape from the police station.

Laurent Weber is the archbishop of Portland.

Dad painted the walls white.

The district attorney indicted him for theft and murder.

Tracey named her dog Rex.


I'm bored out of my mind.

Because zeal for Thy house hath eaten me up, and the reproaches of them that reproach Thee are fallen upon me.

Is Spanish spoken in Mexico?

Do you really think I had something to do with that?

We have no other option.

Panos got a call.

Pieter was the one that had the key.


That was the beginning of everything.

Who was there?

She kept various kinds of pets.

Please turn in your homework by tomorrow.

Did you talk to Tracy about me yet?

Thank you for showing me the way.

Make sure you tell them.

Since you did the cooking, I'll do the dishes.

I don't remember you looking this good.

Use the International Language (Esperanto).

The first snow fell today.

Go and see if Mr. Wilson is at home.

Cambodia is called "Kampuchea" in Khmer.

The landlord told him to leave because he hadn't paid his rent.

I gave up my job.


He has become a memory.

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Leonard isn't very obedient, is he?


The poet Keats belongs to the Romantic school.