Simple Lisk Voting

Lisk voting pools and cartels make voting for delegates confusing. Here at the UnCartel we want to simplify how you vote for delegates! We don't require you to vote for complicated and constantly changing lists. If you want to support us, you can vote for our delegates. Some of them. All of them. None of them. It's up to you!

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Eliminate the Cartels!

The UnCartel is here to discourage the formation and expansion of voting cartels and pools in the Lisk ecosystem. We strongly believe that these cartels pose a significant and rapidly increasing risk to Lisk. Our only requirement for payouts is that you NOT vote for any cartel or pool. We make it easy for you to verify that you're not.

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Deep Insight

Get detailed insight into how every cartel, pool, and delegate is performing. See voting trends, payout reports, uptime, contributions, activity, and more. We give you deep insight into the Lisk delegate landscape!

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Generous Reward Share

Any of our delegates that are forging will share 75% of their rewards with voters, in a variety of ways. 50% in direct payment, and another 25% dedicated to monthly lotteries and contests. We share more!

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Support the Lisk Platform

The charter of the UnCartel is to take on the voting cartels. But we are doing more to help Lisk! Our members are actively contributing to 16 open source projects related to Lisk. Check them out, use them, contribute!


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