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bull brier

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Had to get a backup battery for my ride. That son of a bitch. Scooters don't run on air, ya' know

She's got a brain like a BB in a boxcar

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Monday - Trivia at My Place in Ridgeley, WV 7:30

Tuesday - Trivia at FBar in Frostburg, MD 8:30

Wednesday - Trivia at Geatz's in Cumberland, MD 7:30

Thursday - Trivia at Mezzo's in Cumberland, MD 7:30

This Friday:

Greg and Randy at Uncle Jack's 10-1

Fantasy Football anyone?


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  • We really need something here
  • Don't forget about Golden Tee 99 at Geatz!
  • Gonna get some cold cuts taday
  • Next time you're in the post office ask to see the posthamster

"I found this when I moved into my new apartment".

Terps Basketball Rules

  1. Women
  2. Weed
  3. Weather
  4. and he left out beer

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