Dominick said that he wanted to be left alone.

Jayesh quickly developed a friendship with Mott.

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He doesn't let me live!


Mosur felt smothered by Anatoly's constant protestations of love for her.

I want to play a game where a noble, female, knight with the nickname of light-speed freely manipulates gravity.

The accountability of the management of the organization is held in question.

She's fond of taking pictures.

I went to the room.

I don't think this is any of your business.

I bet you didn't expect to see me again so soon.

Sabrina has two DUIs.

Jinchao is lying about that.

I have my little room on the ground floor.

City life suits me very well.


Will you please stop talking about food?

He is able to swim quickly.

You have been missing all these years.

May I ask you a few questions?

It'll take three hours to get there.

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Write it down.

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The two of us are finally alone.

Tuna is quite careless.

Don't sleep with her, because you'll catch an STD.

Remain on the lookout.

Ping is an old student of mine.

Look after yourself.

We're the only ones here from Boston.


Hunter drilled through the safe.

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I can't remember of the subsequent events.

Who was Marika?

I am losing my patience with you.

We were in love.

I think that's more than generous.


Jeffrey looked around to see if he was being followed.

Isn't it about time to eat?

You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.

That's really quite an accomplishment.

Charles doesn't like to do that.

Part calls his karate teacher Sensei.

Darin decided to grow corn this year.

Bruno had no other choice but to help Alastair clean out the garage.

I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings.


I'm expecting them.

It would be a waste of energy to tell a hair-raising story to a bald man.

He thinks that playing board games is old-fashioned now.

The lady's funeral was held at the local church.

Did Natraj tell you he's studying French?

We are to meet him at seven this evening.

The behavior did his reputation no good.

I don't know what I'm going to do about this.

Are you the one who organized this party?

Lester played the part of Hamlet.

The researchers do not know, however, whether the structure of a person's brain determines his or her political beliefs or whether the political beliefs come first and the modified brain structures come later as a consequence of the development of these political beliefs.

In order to relax, I need to listen to soothing music.

We have decided to climb Mt. Fuji this summer.

One drop of this poison is enough to kill 160 people.

We need to get away.

This medicine will help you.

Dave seems to be having a lot of fun.

Sir, we need your help please.

I need to speak to them alone.

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Please remember to post the letter on your way home.


I think Lum didn't want Mitchell to go out with John.


That was always so.


To use these vaccines violates the sacred commandment from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

According to the police investigation, Winnie was at the scene of the crime at the time of the event.

To govern a country is not an easy job.

Benjamin sings in the church choir.

If I were rich, I'd do the same thing as I do now: nothing.

He is different from what he used to be.

My son can tell time.


Do you see what you did to me?

Kari probably won't like me.

My daughter is in the hospital because she was injured in a traffic accident.


Don't do two things at once.

Go back to the lab.

Children play in this park every day.

Why are you burning this photo?

Jarl is studying to be a marine biologist.

The amoeba is a protozoan.

Ram hasn't come back from Boston yet.

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Have you ever seen Mt. Fuji? It is beautiful beyond description.

Where have you been, anyway?

I haven't seen Eugene since yesterday.


The results were not definitive, but I'm sure the DNA's a match.


Dentists examine teeth with x-rays.


Oh friends, not these tones!


Other people need nine or ten hours of sleep.

No was the only one Gypsy talked to.

Howard sat in the passenger seat next to Dale.

Surya couldn't make himself understood.

I can do that for her, unlike you.

The Smiths are all good people.

Once upon a time there was a miller who was poor, but he had a beautiful daughter.

He makes good in everything he does.

Luckily nobody was hurt in the accident.

Don't ask and just come with me.

His grandfather died of cancer a year ago.

This soup needs a touch of salt.

A person won't remain long in business if he does not come down to earth and think business.


He was aware of a sharp pain.

Help me, please.

I usually eat less than my boyfriend.


He was so clever that he could solve the problem.


I don't know what she knows.

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We cater to you, the customer with refined taste.

Am I seriously the only one who isn't bilingual here?

It hurts!

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Liber locked himself in his bedroom and turned off the light.


Anyone over eighteen years of age counts as an adult.

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My father is always getting angry.

I can't stand that kind of politician.

What led you to this conclusion?

I'm the one who let Farouk get away.

You should finish the work.

We'll have to go back.

Don't be afraid to invest time and energy.


I wanted to be them.

Write your answer into the following blue field.

Is the ticket good for the floating tram as well?

Hope of finding the child alive is fading rapidly.

I'm afraid the job I've got for you won't be easy.

Would you like another cup of coffee?

That made him smile.


She stood on her head.

This article will affect my thinking.

Barrio was arrested in October.

May I borrow your eraser?

We'll eat at six o'clock.

They could make no money without trade.

Wherever you live, there's the capital.

In which house are you staying?

The defeat completely crushed him.

Do you remember borrowing his book?

Who picked the corn?

The defenders checked the onslaught by the attackers.

I'm interested in the history of Australia.

Both air and water are indispensable for life.

Look up the word in the dictionary for yourself.

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I know the way you felt about Vic.

He is suffering from a toothache.

That's one of my favorite movies.

Samir wanted to ask Cary something.

Is Spass studying French at school?


The boys played in the mud.

Who gave you my number?

Charlie reflected on what he had done.

That's how Leon makes his living.

Oh my God! What are you doing!?

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He decided to put the murder trial first in the evening news.


There are about 1600 male billionaires and 200 female billionaires in the world.

She's better at it than I am.

I have to be home for dinner.

I spent three years looking for a good director, but couldn't find one.

Are you really afraid to be in the same room with Jeanette?


You mustn't give in to their demands.


She went to see him the other day.

I am getting bad luck.

I look like a reindeer.

How can I pick out fresh fish?

That is how she learns English.


I see you have been practicing.

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She has a comfortable income to live on.