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Debt Recovery Services

You work hard to get your goods or services out to customers, and they reward you by not paying. We are here to eliminate those headache accounts. When your customers stop answering their phone, don't return your voicemails, or say they are in a meeting and can't talk, it’s time to send them to us.

With extensive knowledge and a personal touch, we provide debt collections and attorney resources to turn your non-paying accounts into paid in full accounts. Our highly trained staff communicates in a professional way with you debtors and works effectively to collect accounts placed quickly.

Contact us today to request service from an honest firm interested in doing the right thing for all parties involved.

About Us

Formed in 1999, JMH & Associates of Sherman Oaks, California, is a business-to-business collection agency representing clients nationwide. Our firm has combined experience in debt collections spanning 50 years and an established working relationship with Experian® credit bureau. With the understanding that every creditor and debtor situation is unique, we offer the personalized service to meet the specific needs of all your delinquent accounts. Our specialized, trained staff delivers the best available debt recovery service matched with the highest quality customer service.

Serving Los Angeles, Van Nuys, San Diego, San Francisco, and Sacramento, California