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Hello, we're Luis and Angélica. We're a young Puerto Rican couple and your new travel guides. We know you're always busy and there's no time to plan your trip. So let us take care of that. We're really good at it, we promise!

Why should I go?

We all need a break from our busy lives. You deserve a unique experience filled with laughter, dancing, great food, and happiness. Discover a place where magic is real and people greet you with a smile in their face. Take a moment to enjoy life.

When should I go?

It's sunny all year long! We will work closely with you to plan your perfect getaway. Maybe you want to escape the cold winter or enjoy summer by the ocean. Puerto Rico greets you with a warm embrace at any time.

Where should I go?

Puerto Rico has it all. From breathtaking waterfalls to underground rivers. There are mountains, caverns, world renowned beaches, tropical rainforests... you name it! We'll make sure you get the most complete experience possible.

What should I do?

When in Puerto Rico, do as the locals do. We will tailor your visit to suit your style and needs. Maybe you are looking for exciting adventures. Or perhaps you just want to relax under the sun. There's something for everyone here.

Meet your guides

After hurricane Maria, I felt compelled to help my home island as much as I can. Puerto Rico is still the lovely and beautiful place it’s always been and I wish to provide as many people as I can with the opportunity to visit such a paradise. So I've made it my mission to provide people with uniquely tailored experiences to be remembered forever.
Luis R. de la Vega's photoLuis R. de la Vega-López
While living away from PR, I've met a bunch of people who've asked me for recommendations on where to go and how to best explore the Island. Information is key when exploring an unknown place, and who better than a couple of native Puerto Ricans to help you out, clarify your doubts, and make of your trip the most memorable experience ever?
Angelica V. Marrero-Sanchez's photoAngélica V. Marrero-Sánchez

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