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Shashank Agrawal

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Seek Your Support for creating more opportunities and making CA Community more stonger, proactive and united in highly competitive market.

CA Shashank Agrawal


Free Online Classes

Internet is revolutionising education. It has unlocked a world wide virtual library for students around the globe. I wish to effectively implement the concept of e learning in ICAI for greater convenience and efficiency. Introducing the free online interactive classes & courses for both professionals and students at large would help the learning to take place at the most affordable manner both in terms of time and money. This would also help to increase the accessibility of classes to a larger audience and solve the problem of high coaching classes. It would also be ensured that the quality of the learning is not compromised due to unavailability of fee.

Overall Skill enhancement by practical classes, workshops & courses

It has been observed that the lack of communication(verbal/written) skills has always been a great factor for failure for many of the members in our profession. The Idea of skill enhancement has been a part of ICAI curriculum for past few years through various GMCS/ITT Classes but it has not been able to achieve satisfactory results somehow. I wish to re-design the course contents of GMCS & ITT to make them more practical and effective and implement the other courses/workshops (dining skills, personality development workshops) which could improve their personality as a whole to compete with the other professionals.

Proactive R&D
accounting practices

To achive mission of ICAI and to make the Indian Accountancy Profession recognised and Trusted globally, we have to work hard on our Research Unit. R&D services would identify and solve the foreseen issues related to the accounting practices. It is an ongoing process of developing new strategies and improving on the older ones. If we are able to strengthen our research , it would help to aid the continuous advancement of the ICAI and the CA community. Research also add more opportunities for CAs in the market by creating new solutions to businesses for their effective working. I would not only make a research division but also invite our members who are interested to actively be a part by pursuing their career in it.

Centralized helpdesk
Grievance Redressal System

At present we have a lot of helpdesk numbers for interacting at different level or function for different work and we all know their effectiveness. At last we all end up posting our queries on caclubindiaetc or we remain unanswered. In my plan of action, a central helpdesk and telephone helpline would be formed. This would be single point to address all the concerns of the CA and CA Students and provide the necessary updates too. We would ensure its effectiveness that no single query would be disposed off unless solved. Research also add more opportunities for CAs in the market by creating new solutions to businesses for their effective working. I would not only make a research division but also invite our members who are interested to actively be a part by pursuing their career in it.

One Portal for all to know, use
share information

ICAI currently performs a lot of functions and these have to be linked together using technology. With the use of latest technology, I wish to integrate all the functions and concerns of ICAI and CA professionals into a single system. The system will inhabit everything, that concerns ICAI or its members, namely but not restricted to: keeping the track of updates from all sectors (e.g Tax, MCA, etc) ICAI News Members/Student Login Discussion forum Link to Job Portal Exam related news All data of Members/students (incorporated in login) All the required information would be easily available for everyone with just a few clicks. It lead to easy control of practice and job for CAs with their always updated status.

More Opportunities via Best Recruitment Portal and
Tie Ups

ICAI provides placement support to the Ca's through campus which are currently limited to newly qualified professionals and that too remains less successful due to low percentage of candidates getting hired. This has drastically effected the paying scale at which the professionals are working at the moment. I wish to make the changes in two steps: 1. Ensuring more companies particpate in campus and more freshers are hired. 2. Make this CMII Job portal most successful & effective for hiring CA's which would provide job not only to the freshers but also the experienced professional looking for change. I wish to transform it in a manner which eliminates the need of posting on any other job portal like naukri, shine etc. I would aggressively pursue both global and national opportunities for the Ca's by explore new horizons of practice which could be the emerging areas for the current economic scenario. I am planning to tie up with the international accounting bodies to get our members placed and recognised abroad.

Cost Effective Office
Resource to Practitioners

For those who plan to start their own work, I plan to introduce affordable co-working spaces and offices for practitioners. They would be provided with latest facilities and opportunity to work in a collaborative professional environment. Learn, Innovate and creating new ways to enhance practices need group efforts wirther connected .


We began with 25 members at Delhi CA CPE Study Circle of NIRC in 1998 which has grown many times with over 1000 members now. Our main aim is to unite the people sharing common goals. Through this experience I would provide more networking opportunities to connect with peers from different regions, industries and countries through seminars, sports, workshops and other social and intellectual events. This would help us build a stronger social community which is required for the unification of the entire CA fraternity.

Election Procedure

ICAI election is a formal decision-making process by which its CA members chooses an individual(s) to hold a post in ICAI Regional/Central Council. A qualified Chartered Accountant who is the member of NIRC of ICAI till March 2018 is entitled to vote at a polling booth which is assigned to him in accordance with his registered office location as submitted by him/ her with the institute. The elections are held on the single preferential voting system under which the voter has to indicate his preferences about the candidates by inserting the figures 1, 2, 3 etc against the names of the candidates according to his preference. The impression that only the ‘first’ preference vote has value is incorrect. A candidate for getting elected is required to obtain only specified number of first preference votes. 

  • if the first preference votes obtained by him are more than the required number, the excess is transferred to candidates who have secured 2nd and 3rd preferences. 
  • Similarly, if the number of the first preference votes received by a candidate are much below than the required number of, his first preference votes will be transferred at full value to those candidates who have been marked for subsequent preferences. 

It is, therefore, important to know that a voter should not select only one candidate of his choice but should select as many candidates as possible and mark his preference for such candidates. This will help the voter to get at least one of the candidates of his choice elected.

Polling dates

07th December 2018 08th December 2018
Delhi Delhi
New Delhi Haryana
Gurgaon (Not complete Haryana) Punjab
Himachal Pradesh

Timings : 8 AM to 8 PM

NIRC Elections