Rudy is my ally at the company.

Their apprehensions were justified.

I thought Spencer was lying, too.

The man reading a newspaper is his father.

I was almost in tears.

Vistlik poured himself some whiskey.


The author translated the fairy tale into our mother tongue.

I told you I'm not interested.

You tell him the truth.

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He took adequate clothes for a weekend trip.

Tell her I'll call back.

I won't tell you what to do.

We need a plan first.

Some lawn equipment is loaded into the jerry-built cart.

Don't play around on your way back home.

I suppose I'll have to be more careful in the future.

Did Rajendra crash?

Bret told Vincent she was seeing other guys.


To do him justice, we must say that he is a minor musician.


Never trouble till trouble troubles you.

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Johnny got leave to go home.


Mr. Smith studied Chinese history.

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It was a shock.

Do you see that cloud that almost looks like a camel?

Why don't we find out?


No, thank you. I've already eaten.

Did you do it by yourselves?

Do you want to stay with me?

Let the festivities begin.

Isn't Naoto supposed to be good at this?

Hopefully, the island is beautiful.

Phrenology was very popular in the 19th century, but nowadays most consider it to be nothing more than a curious pseudoscience.


Do you have the habit of turning on the television as soon as you get home?

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They knew the names of every leading actor and actress.

This is the first time I've ever shot with a rifle.

Andries looks furious.

Tomorrow there is a forecast of snow.

I had a chance to meet him in Paris.

What's the minimum salary in your country?

The number of the front desk is No 1.


You knew the answer all along.

I prefer to forget the past.

Time is a certain fraction of eternity.

If you start now, you will get there in time.

You're running short of time.

I don't mind if it's a little cold.

Did that have anything to do with Hans?


Prices have soared.

I prepared a weak solution of sugar and water.

How many hours is the flight?


"Are you serious about getting married?" "I don't know, Lukas, are you serious?"

He doesn't get along with anybody in the office.

Because he doesn't want to marry her, she felt a distance between them.

Rome is an ancient city.

I find her story hard to swallow.

What's your favorite perfume?

"Would you mind taking me home?", she said.


Patricio and Raanan both have dogs.


How hot is too hot?

I have hundreds of such examples in my computer.

Judge said he found something under the couch.

He is guilty of corrupting the young.

She saw him at the store.


This should get interesting.

I know why you don't want to go.

The purpose of shuffling is to randomize a deck of cards.

Maarten doesn't often get invited to parties.

The capital of Spain is Madrid and the official language is Spanish.

Monopoly sure takes me back. I remember Illinois Avenue. It's red, isn't it?

What can I do to sound more like a native speaker?

She sent me a present in return for my advice.

Martha moved here from Boston three years ago.


I remember reading about it.


You'd better call him up.

They wanted to punish me.

The onset of menarche is influenced by many factors, including genetics and nutrition, and the age of menarche varies significantly across the world.

Why don't you pick on someone your own size?

Kamiya dashed up the steps.

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During the 20th century, Manchukuo was a puppet state.

How well does Erik play basketball?

I didn't ask Amanda to dance. He asked me.

My brain is being crushed.

If only there was more time.


A child's education is the charge of his parents.

The seals surface more frequently then, so a bear's chance of catching one at a breathing hole is greater after nightfall.

Sundar is realistic.

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Are you sure this is what we're supposed to do?

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Give me another shot.

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You know what's happening today, right?

I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Are you willing to help me?

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She showed us a beautiful hat.

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This is a doll that she made herself.


The icy wind cut us to the bones.

Elizabeth picked up his toys and put them in a box.

It's not right to treat people like this.

He has a great storehouse of knowledge about historical details but I seriously doubt that's of any use in life.

I know how scared you must've been.

We can't see each other again.

Ken painted his bicycle white.

How do you want your hair cut?

An important quality of steel is its strength.

William's voice cracked on a high note.

I just want the situation resolved.

I think I'll be going home now.

Konrad is disturbed.


It would be better to talk of something else.

She is a short story writer.

The country is isolated economically and politically.

The starlet is getting on in years.

Lowell eats pizza with a fork, but Natraj eats it with her hands.

I should've told you the truth about me from the beginning.

I was expelled from school.


I believe you've been trying to contact us.

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Sanjay speaks French better than any of the other students in his class.

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How often do you go abroad?

Dorian wrote his name on the blackboard.

There's a slight problem.


Is Tuan mad at us?


We searched the woods for the missing child.


I hardly think so.


Jarvis took Nichael's picture.

I've seen Lin play peek-a-boo with his baby.

She took my joke seriously.

I'm trying to get used to this.

She was advised by him to come back at once.


We have to keep working on that.

Kristian has always done what's best for his children.

Would you like some moonshine?

They won't be in time for the meeting.

She doesn't talk to us anymore.

May I ask you what your weight is?

They all talked.

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Ann cannot be playing the piano.


Wilmer wants children.

He was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Lindsey pushed the silent alarm with his foot.

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He is going to tell me his story.

You are not a coward.

Shut up. If you don't, you'll be thrown out.

The other boys teased him when he got his hair cut.

He can leave tomorrow.

Kee might be able to translate this into French.

I have no special skill.

Kee looked at the fuel gauge.

I hear you've all been pretty busy yourselves.

You don't have to go to the dance if you don't want to.

I ate pizza every day last week.

He got his sleeve caught.

You can call a cat a small tiger, and a tiger a big cat.


The capybara is the world's largest rodent.

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That store went bankrupt.


I'll talk to Valeria alone.

Irvin is Ed's current boyfriend.

I'm happy, cause I'm learning some Dutch.

The influence of the Arabic language is quite evident in the Spanish language.

The truth must be told.

I ate some bread and a boiled egg for lunch.

Who destroyed the garden?