Madonna is known to every high school student in Japan.

Maybe we should go bowling.

He crawled out of the window.

They are unlikely to marry.

I just discovered this website and I think it's fantastic!

Everybody has already left.

He's losing his balance.

Roberta couldn't borrow as much money as he needed.


We should have been more careful.

Mats accompanied Pedro to her parents' house.

Are there special evening rates?

We've got to move.

Many think that democracy is the government of the people. But the truth of the matter is that democracy is the government of democrats.

Someone always sees through their disguises.

You're a loser, too.

Don't talk to him like that.

I have to ask her something.

That must be the city hall.

Nothing more could've been done.

Replace the complement with the appropriate pronoun.

Brazil has almost 200 million inhabitants.

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The school is closed due to the snow.

Window or aisle?

Alvin is a very nice person.

Welcome to Japan.

I haven't seen a thing.

Now get lost.

Paintings should not be exposed to direct sunlight.


I deserve it.


She is unconscious.

Casper has a little sister.

Did you question him?

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Grass grew.

Russ tried to suppress a smile.

I did it so good that I came out in the newspapers.

She talked a lot.

I don't know how much longer it'll take.


It doesn't matter how smart you are.


Are you going to leave a few cookies for me?

Please do not touch the record side.

Don't tell anyone I was here.


I could never do it like you do.

I will be a repeater!

All comes to the same thing.

He is sure to come.

Is a question still a sentence?

I'm not judging you.

He came close to losing an eye.

Let's find somewhere else to hide this.

I saw Sonja last night.

You've let me down.

I don't want to do anything risky.

I want some help.

How's your father?

Jeremy is a very selfish person.

May I know you?

Many Germans have blonde hair and blue eyes.

This ground belongs to the school.


I remember the day Knudsen broke his leg.


I don't like this book.

If you want something to eat, you'll need to get it yourself.

Why are you taking so long?


Mother suggested that I write her at once.

The light has turned green.

I told him it wasn't mine.

Sue has been sick since last month.

I think we should do something special on your birthday.

I commit my son to your care.

Stanly rinsed out his mug and then refilled it with coffee.

I want you to bring her.

The First Communion is an important ceremony in the Catholic Church.

What do you say to having a coffee break?

I am going in the same direction. Come with me. I will take you there.

He is fluent in Chinese.

There are usually taxis in front of the train station.

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Go on Dana, drink it.


And thus he failed the exam.

English is spoken almost everywhere.

He is always studying.


I see you two have met.


He must be a good walker to walk such a long distance.


This isn't my fault.

Who are you calling for?

I don't want him to do that.


"How much did you pay for this?" "About 20 euros." "Wow! That's incredibly cheap."


Why are you sneezing?

He held the trophy on high.

Are you prepared?

This substance is in solid state.

You can't walk.

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She fell in love with a hotshot lawyer.

They worked in perfect harmony with each other.

He was very kind.

We've got all night.

Many scientists knew him.

Grace goes to the telephone upstairs.

She voted for Mr Nishioka irrespective of party lines.

I'll follow you.

You're going to be so happy here.

Ami doesn't seem to appreciate what we've done for him.

Srivatsan will be back in less than thirty minutes.


I know that even the most beautiful kiss must come to an end.

Why do you want to go today?

Would you do me a favor, Michel?


It is said that the Japanese are very friendly to those that they know, and very indifferent to those they don't.


He outlasted many of his friends.

Why do you want me to wait in here?

She tried on the party dress.

I'm ruining my clothing.

I need a tissue.


The antique casual latin system has evolved to make greater use of prepositions in romantic languages.


I'm tired of listening to your bragging.

It's a wonder they're still awake.

That's weird.

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I think it will be sunny tomorrow.

I went there.

I think Gunnar is very smart.


Did you tell Ramiro about seeing Olof in Boston?

You need to come quickly.

Witnesses told police that the train was travelling way over the speed limit when it derailed going around a bend.

What's our problem?

They went on a cruise and bought jewellery, paid for by Health Canada dollars.

Would you give me a hint?

Well done!

I think Rainer is looking for us.

The goal of this report is to examine every advantage and disadvantage of this proposal.

On a certain monday afternoon, a single horse carriage stopped in front of the hotel where I was staying.

You two were good together.


The temperature didn't make it any easier for us to go out on a trip.

Would it be OK if I gave Sharan this old suitcase?

The house where we spent our first days is unforgettable. It is the best and most loved one. That is where my youngest sister learned to walk in December. Even the smallest corners of every room evoke sweet memories.


I'll pay my bill.

What is the best way to learn a foreign language?

Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.

The F1 champion Michael Schumacher sustained a serious head injury.

Gregory doesn't seem to get along well with anyone.

Correct the mistakes, if there are any.

No one complained.


We'll bivouac near the lake.

She's the most popular girl in the class.

Ritchey was buried Monday.

Nothing seemed to work.

The real is for me, but fiction.

Can you give me any details?

If you ever do that again, be careful!


Hello. This is Ogawa speaking.

I've never had these kinds of problems before.

Have you taken out a subscription to any magazine?


I know that you did your best.

Rakhal is a sorcerer.

Must get some food.


I have a package for Dylan.

You need to tell us the truth.

I have a horror of snakes.

Stefan started to get hungry.

Kerf is waste.

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We apologise in advance.

Claudio is in pretty bad shape.

Truth is, I don't like him.

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If you want to stay, you can stay.


This should work.

They must then go through a landing examination conducted by inspection officers before they can obtain landing permission.

Strange that he knows nothing on this subject.

This book is worth reading twice.

I still don't know what your name is.