She is collecting on behalf of the blind.

You obviously don't know Collin very well.

Why wouldn't Yvonne want that?

At last, her dream to be a doctor came true.

I don't like golf that much.

Tarmi is a Rhodes scholar.

We'd like to know more about it.

She has bought a record of dance music.

How did you recognize me?

They could not prove their charges.

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You still haven't told us why you're here.


I forgot you were listening.

They saw him enter the room.

He's a very zealous worker.

I was too tired to walk any farther.

The people who reside here are our friends.

Have you decided where you're going to go to study abroad?

Try to hang on.


Nobles do not exist merely because there is a peerage system. Even if there were no peerage system, there will be people who are naturally dominant and who will quickly rise to nobility. So much for our nobility then. Why, we are mere peasants.

Our car met theirs near the station.

On Earth, new oxygen is produced from plants through the process of photosynthesis.

I was perfectly happy being by myself.

Lea works for a large firm.

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I have two sons. One is in Tokyo and the other is in Nagoya.

You are looking at me strangely.

Those's plan worked perfectly.


Alvin never forgave me.

You sing a chorus.

There are two distinct parts.


I never touched her.

I believe that stricter vigilance is necessary here.

We will sing "Auld Lang Syne" at the stroke of midnight.

Their house is off the map, miles away from the nearest town.

The train is leaving in three minutes.

You never cared about me!

Everyone was so happy.

It's totally worth a shot.

Type inference has three outputs whereas checking only has two.

No dogs are allowed.

He is far from a genius.

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If you would thoroughly know anything, teach it to others.


Was it worth it?

We are used to wearing shoes.

The soldier decided he could not refuse the request.

Mr Johnson's was a large room.

Don't come back without information.

Return to your seat.

I recommend the public transport should be enhanced.

I thought Duke would be here by now.

Just as I was getting the hang of things, they changed the system.

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Jussi, put your money away. I'm paying this time.

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What part of not drawing attention to ourselves do you not understand?!


Dewey lost his car key.


Jane Goodall is a primatologist and an expert on chimpanzees.


My mother put clean linen on my bed.

Pete tried to control his emotions.

We lost all of our funding.

He says he has a bone to pick with you.

He clinched the election when he came out against a tax increase.

She has the measles.

It's important to me that we follow the rules.


The ship sailed along the coast of Shikoku.

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While swimming in the pool, she lost her locker key.

I can tell by his accent that he is German.

The President suspended the constitution and imposed martial law.

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He keeps his youth by jogging.

One's preferences do not determine what's true.

You'll soon be used to living in a big city.

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Tanaka told me he was feeling dizzy.

We have reason to be thankful.

There never was a good war nor a bad peace.

Klaus is a very close friend of mine.

May I present Mr Johnson to you?

Leanne has got blue eyes.

Julianto liked what he was doing.


Vicky looks about thirty years old.

Will you talk to her?

This metal is comparable to iron in strength.

It's important to learn to hope.

Dorian broke up with Mascia today.


The fact is I didn't go to school today.

This is the house where I lived when I was a child.

I've started bleeding.


Is it going to hurt?

He was full of adventure.

Frankly speaking, I don't want to go with you.


Lester might be able to tell us what must be done.

Do we know for sure it's Isidore?

Trolling is an art.


I'm sure you'll recover.

I'll buy this for Myrick.

Boyce was very abusive towards his children.

I wasn't sure where to find you.

I'm not so sure.

I want to watch TV.

Could you show me the way?


When I get home, someone will be cleaning the garage.


Who would want him dead?

Were you expecting something different?

Juan probably didn't hear you.

She is hard up for money.

Let him take a look at it.


There's a lot more to discover.

Barbra was full.

Speaking English isn't easy.


The best, most beautiful, and most perfect way that we have of expressing a sweet concord of mind to each other is by music.

Did you know that the proper way to wear a cummerbund is with the pleats facing upward?

Board members adopted the plan.

All right. I'll come as soon as possible.

The sky was full of clouds that night.


Call me if there's any trouble.


Move your ass!

She listened to the young preacher's sermon.

I am grateful for your hospitality, and the hospitality of the people of Egypt.

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I needn't buy a car

I make 100 euros a day.

You have to be prepared for anything.

She must have once been a real beauty.

I prefer spring to summer.


I picked Elric up after school.

The scholarship made it possible for me to continue my studies.

She looks on him as her master.

I was asked to be quiet.

We are going downtown to eat pizza.

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I bought that book for them.


We threw him out.

Robin wondered what Neville was going to say.

Johnnie really dislikes children.

I don't want to go to the pool.

Young men and women don't seem to know what they are seeking after.


If we stop here, we'll be right back where we started!

The meeting finished thirty minutes ago.

Great was our delight when we won the game.


Maybe she really won't be there?

I think Kayvan knows who stole my wallet.

I know that this is important for us all.

Be careful not to say anything that will upset Malcolm.

The man reading a book over there is my father.

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Curtis wants to talk to you about what happened in Boston last week.

I want to know if it's close.

As Saturn orbits the Sun, though, our view of its rings changes.


Alexis poured Johnathan a cup of coffee and topped off his own.

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Sjaak expected more of a fight.

Who else knew about them?

Where there's good, there's also bad.

Would you like some more salad?

How did you get in? Do you have a key?

Was that supposed to be a joke?

It would be a good idea if you apologized to Jayant.

I will pick you up after work.

We haven't yet finished what we have to do.


I read this book a couple of years ago.

I never said that to Rainer.

No news is good news.

How did you become so rich?

I suggest you shut up.


I feel awful about that.

It's unlikely that tomorrow's meeting will last over an hour.

You share his interest in this book?

I'm sure we can work this out.

Dan taught Matt the art of romance.