The Japanese archipelago is struck by a terrible heat wave.

Which sport do you like to practise today ?

It was wise for you not to follow his advice.

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I never imagined I would live in such a nice place.


It all worked out OK.

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Mr Suzuki, as far as I know, has not returned from Hawaii yet.

His large income makes it possible for him to travel overseas every year.

Do you really think Eli was flirting with me?


It's about 133 kilometers from London.


Do you love my brother more than me?

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Rumors of defeat were circulating.

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You must not cross if there is a red light.


Fraud and deceit abound in these days more than in former times.

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Benson also enjoyed traveling.

I want my bicycle back.

How did you get Annie to say yes?

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Some are wise and some are otherwise.

Burglars broke into his house.

I feel your pain.

Her heart was hammering.

A hot bath made me feel much better.

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I corrected myself.


How's your old man doing?

I listened to Beethoven's piano concertos not only for an hour, but more than that!

I'm just worried about you.


There were at least a hundred people present.


I had never done anything like that before.

The reform of both entrance examination system and curriculum makes slow progress.

If anyone can do it, Jarvis can.

You're older than me.

You didn't tell me Jess was going to Boston with us.

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Only 40 percent of students go on to university.

Google makes money by selling advertising.

What good is torturing Kent going to do?

My brother is arriving tomorrow morning.

"It was worth the two-hour wait." "Yeah! I'll cherish this signature for a lifetime."

Vadim has a goatee.

We got something from her.


Sanity leaned against the wall.

I am unable to finish my homework.

He is a Hollywood star.


I hate peanut butter.


Clara knew that Sriram was unhappy.

"I'm not good at swimming." "Neither am I."

We have to figure out a way to keep Marion from seeing Pandora.


Donna resigned suddenly.

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Those who use the most idiomatic expressions are most often the ones who say the fewest original things.

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This door won't shut.


He tickled his little sister until she peed her pants up.

She's an esthetician.

Rees is now apologizing.

Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies!

My bag was here five minutes ago, but it is gone now.


Where are the forks?

The asafoetida is gone, but the smell remains.

You are lost, aren't you?

Do you want to know a secret?

Even if you lose lakhs, stay honest.

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Don't answer the door, whoever it is.

Serra Negra do Norte is a town in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte.

That's your half.


Turkeer's residence is a little too big for just one person.

When you don't know what to do, ask the host.

What actually happened?


He was standing at the top of the mountain.

Fish surface for air.

Idleness leads to ruin.

That's perfectly fair.

Helge didn't come with us to Boston.

Had I known the truth, I would have told it to you.

She was indignant at the way her son had been treated.

You need to come with me right away.

Steel production is estimated to reach 100 million tons this year.

Maybe you should call him.

The first winner of the FIFA World Cup was Uruguay.


Stanford University has educated entrepreneurs like Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Gypsy worked as a gardener.

Ian didn't look both ways before crossing the street.

You don't have a life.

They were all ears for the news.

The publishers of that newspaper are very liberal.

I cannot speak Chinese. I can just read it.

How much time did we lose?

He has a chubby face.

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I've never seen that before.

I didn't bring any warm clothes.

Marie, Carole and Maria are friends.

Jeannie is having a good day.

All the languages of the world are rich.

What kind of books does Kamel read?

Robert occasionally visits me.

What in the world do you think you're doing?

There's a fine line between assertiveness and aggression.

Her long blond hair blew in the wind.

Do not be afraid to kill Edward; it is good.

It's not up for debate.

You still don't get it, do you?


We are leaving Japan next month.

I won't let you hurt me.

You can keep this one for yourself.

When was the last time you lent your car?

Nobody trusts Franklin anymore.


I'll get Rodent to stay with you.

I was leaving home when Gordon telephoned me.

I don't want Daniel to take over.


The excited crowd poured out of the stadium.

Syd set this record.

It was a good dinner, to say the least.

Jef was unable to shut down the reactor.

Elaine knew what Cynthia was supposed to do.

Has anyone solved that mystery?

Spock broke up with me.


Don't come in.

Are you ready to work?

How long are you in town?

Eva made a good putt.

I came up to Boston from Nashville a few years ago.

Thanks for listening.

I didn't know you were here.

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How long have you been in town?

Elijah didn't get on the train.

He hit big in NBC's 'Saturday Night Live'.


Lukas is the best employee we've ever had.

There is little possibility that she will be elected.

It will be cheap and clean.

I found that I had left my umbrella behind in the classroom.

He's tickled pink.

Kit was promoted to manager.

I have only done this one time before.

They refused to accept the pay raise.

Why do they do this?


I majored in American literature at college.

The men will be happy no matter what they get back.

Get her to show you that.


I just don't want to marry you.

I need to talk to you about an urgent matter.

Do you expect me to believe you?


She always reminds me of her mother.

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I hope you find it interesting.

I didn't see you come in.

I'm sorry, we can't make flight changes on this ticket.

Many independent films are made on low budgets.

Strange to say, no one voted for the candidate.

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They probably saw our ship come into port.

You must take the medicine!

Sorry, that's a typo.


The armchair I'm sitting in is very comfy.


He had a book on physics published.


The mobile phone you have dialed is either switched off or outside the coverage area, please try again later.


I was to have finished the work yesterday.

Take us there, Nathan.

I've seen them all.

How is that different?

The agreement was a product of compromise between the two governments.

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We have to find out where Gail is.