Ancient painting did not stop at the limit of the end of existence. In many cases, taking up earlier portraits of the deceased person or resorting – more rarely – to the relief of his face on his deathbed, the painters came to impress a new, eternal breath of life in those extinct bodies.

A word about us

A love that goes beyond death, which can never be forgotten; this is what he wants to transmit the man of the Portrait of Spouses (1523-1524) by Lorenzo Lotto.

The scene has the value of a sweet – and at the same time disturbing – metaphysical flash. The landscape that can be glimpsed from the window placed at the top of the canvas seems to be the mirror of the soul of the two subjects portrayed and symbol of the dramatic condition of the couple. The sky covered with thunderclouds and the trees bent by the strong wind that is a prelude to the storm are harbingers of misery and despair. The figure of the woman, almost illuminated with her own light – as often happens in Lotto, which does not take into account the rules of tonal painting, with a distribution of light and colors in uniform environments – seems to suggest the presence of the spirit of the deceased , coming to greet, perhaps for the last time, her husband.